Maternity and Women's Rights in the Workplace

August 9, 2013
I recently read an article online about one woman’s views on working mums and how she believes that childless women are being penalised for not having children by working longer hours and having more pressure put on them along with bigger workloads than those with children. This has led me to think about maternity and women’s rights in the workplace. I was shocked to recently read that 46% of women had their jobs terminated after revealing that they were pregnant after accepting a new job while knowing they are pregnant, without revealing that they were.

Is this fair?

I suppose some people would argue that these women should have been honest about their pregnancies from the start, but would this hinder their chances of getting a job? According to a survey carried out by Quality Solicitors, which can be read here, 10% of women have accepted a job knowing that they were pregnant and 19% of women have accepted a job whilst planning to get pregnant.

When the time came for me to tell my employer that I was pregnant I felt happy and confident about doing so. I didn’t have any worries about maternity leave or losing my job, however according to the survey 39% of women felt that pregnancy was viewed as a negative thing by their employers and 42% felt uneasy about their employers reaction. 63% of women surveyed also thought that employers should be more transparent from the outset about their maternity policy.

How did you feel about telling your employer that you were pregnant?

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