Mate Date Ideas For When The Weather Is Bad


It’s easy to get everyone together when it’s sunny outside, but when it’s drizzly and cold people tend to want to hibernate indoors! But it doesn’t have to be this way, as there’s still lots of things you can do when the weather isn’t great. Spending quality time with friends is important for keeping close, everyone is busy but you should make time for the people that you care about when you can. If it’s been too long since you saw your friends, here are are a few mate date ideas to consider that you can do even when the weather is bad.

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Go Shopping

Shopping centres are the perfect place to go to get your fix of retail therapy in the winter, because you don’t have to brave the cold weather. Bigger shopping centres will have everything you need under one roof, from a wide variety of shops to restaurants and cafes. You can easily spend the day somewhere like this and have plenty to look through. Shopping with friends who also enjoy browsing  is always more fun, you have people you can ask for opinions on your purchases. Instead of dragging your bored husband around the shops!

Dine Out

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, getting the gang together for food makes for a for a fantastic mate date. Tasty food and drink and the chance to catch up is a great way to spend time together. Sure, sitting out on a terrace or a picnic in the park is lovely when it’s sunny outside, but even if it’s cold and rainy a nice warm restaurant won’t disappoint. Have a chat with the group about what kind of budget you all have which should help you narrow down your choices for where to go.

Go For Afternoon Tea

If you don’t want to go out for a full meal, afternoon tea is a nice alternative. Plenty of tea and nibbles, you could even book an afternoon tea on a boat! Companies like offer things like this. It’s a nice way to get out and enjoy the sights, and it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or rainy as you have the comfort of the boat. Alternatively, lots of cafes and restaurants have afternoon tea of offer, or you could even do it at home and throw a tea party,

Watch Movies

Whether it’s a trip to the cinema or a night in with all of your favorite chick flicks, you can’t beat a movie night. Sites like IMBD have lists of movies that are great to watch with friends like this A night at home is an excellent budget choice and is a nice way to get everyone together, especially when it’s cold, wet and windy outside. Plenty of blankets, hot drinks, and some snacks, it’s the perfect way to spend a winter’s day or evening.

Do you have any fun mate date ideas that you like to do with friends?

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