London Marathon Training Update

It’s been a little while since I updated you on my training for the London Marathon so I thought I’d put another update post together.

In my last update I wrote how I’d managed to injure my ankle, but thankfully everything is all healed now and I’m back on track.

The London Marathon is just over five weeks away and I’m feeling very optimistic. My longest run to date is 18 miles and thankfully that went well.

It’s a strange thing to think that I’m actually able to run such a long distance, but the training and nutrition has definitely helped. I’ve also learnt a lot along the way.

Training for the London Marathon isn’t easy. I guess if it was then more people would probably run a marathon!

It isn’t meant to be easy. It’s meant to be a challenge, and whether you complete it under three hours or over six hours, it’s important to remember that you’ve all covered the same distance regardless of time. We’ve all put in the hard work, the long training runs, the early mornings and on the day of the marathon I think every single person who stands before that start line should feel very proud of themselves.

Since my marathon training started back on the 16th October 2018, I’ve covere a total distance of 611.3km (380 miles). In addition I’ve also been to 19 pump classes, and 16 barre classes to date.

As you can imagine training for any marathon takes up a lot of time. I work out six days a week. Sunday is my only rest day and I look forward to it so much every week! Here is what next week has in store for me:

Monday: Pump class

Tuesday: 8k run

Wednesday: 14.5k run

Thursday: 8k run

Friday: Barre class

Saturday: 22.5k run

Sunday: Rest

As you can imagine trying to fit all of this in, in addition to working, taking and picking the children up from school and doing activities with them outside of school is exhausting.

It wasn’t too bad in the early days of training, but now that my runs have increased in distance that means I’m spending more time on my feet and I’m definitely sleeping more! I’m finding myself falling asleep on the sofa most nights!

During all of training I have to say a big thank you to my husband and children. Whilst I’m out running my husband is giving our children their breakfast and getting them ready for the day. It also means that my children and I miss out on morning cuddles as I like to do my runs early to get them out of the way. So a big thank you to my husband and children!

Of course running the London Marathon isn’t all about me and my training. I’m running the London Marathon thanks to an amazing charity called WellChild, the National Charity for Sick Children. If you can spare any change and donate online to my fundraising page for WellChild I’d really appreciate it. You can donate online here.

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15 thoughts on “London Marathon Training Update

  1. You’re so brave, your schedule for the week makes me want to run (or more likely crawl!) for the hills! #thatfridaylinky

  2. Well done to you, it’s certainly a big commitment, isn’t it? I didn’t officially start training for my marathon until the middle of January, but I was running 19 miles a week (four times a week, including an eight mile run every week) anyway, so I was already part of the way there. Like you, my longest run to date is 18 miles and I’ve got another one of those tomorrow, then 22 miles next week! Eek!
    Good luck to you for the last few weeks of training and of course for the big day!

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