Le Petit Bola Pregnancy Necklaces

February 7, 2019

Finding a unique gift for a pregnant friend or family member can be a challenge.

Should you buy a gift for the baby or perhaps something for the expectant mum?

I usually opt for a gift for mum because the majority of people tend to buy gifts for the baby.

Le Petit Bola is a French Jewellery brand that started two years ago in 2016. They imagine and create Harmony Ball necklaces specifically for pregnant women.

Starting on the living room table of their apartment in Valence, France, Emilie and Florian discovered the harmony ball.

This unique Indonesian jewel is valued by Balinese pregnant women during their pregnancies as it is said to protect their baby.

These ethnic and traditional necklaces are also believed to help expectant mothers to create a special bond with their baby. That’s because the harmony necklace produces a melody that will rock and calm their baby. This means that the baby will learn to recognise this soft sound during pregnancy.

This is just one of the reasons why these necklaces make such a wonderful, unique gift. Even after birth, the harmony ball can continue to rock and calm the baby. Mum could hang it above her baby’s cot for example and the reassuring effect will help to comfort baby as they recognise the melody from when they were in-utero.

These beautiful pregnancy necklaces are created in a studio in France, and sold in the Le Petit Bola mum to be store online. There are lots of different necklaces available in various colours and forms. From silver 925 to silver-plated, golden or copper-clad.

Expectant mums can also choose jewellery in chiselled silver, jewellery set with Swarovski crystal, or a coloured jewel, in addition to an original harmony ball or more fancy such as the one shaped like a heart.

The length of the chain is also another unique selling point of these stunning pregnancy necklaces because they reach perfectly to the bay bump. Some of the harmony balls are even created with an adjustable cord to allow the length of the necklace to be adapted any time during the pregnancy. This means it can grow with your belly so that it will always fit perfectly.

Le Petit Bola has grown since it first started back in 2016, and it now a four person team made up of Emilie, Florian, Sandra and Sigolène. They work with a passion and have created tens of orders sent out everyday to France and worldwide.

As mentioned at the start of this post, finding the perfect gift for an expectant mum can be hard. However these harmony necklaces would make a lovely unique gift for any expectant mum on an anniversary, baby shower, Valentines day or even Christmas.

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  • Katie

    February 7, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    These are so lovely and pretty! I’d have loved one when I was pregnant would make a lovely gift

  • Alice b

    February 7, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I would have loved to have one when I had my kids. Very unique gift idea.

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