JP’s Story: Part 2: Ultrasound Scan

June 9, 2014
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April 2014

Today I had an ultrasound at my GP surgery. The procedure was identical to that of an antenatal scan albeit with one crucial difference.

There was no baby.
Of course there was no baby. We are still trying but nothing is happening and my cycle remains stubbornly erratic. And so an ultrasound was arranged and has now taken place. Alongside this scan, I was offered a pelvic scan. This is not something I was immediately familiar with but I was informed that it was an internal scan and that, as it would need to be carried out at some point, it may as well be done there and then.

I will spare you the details, but my ovaries were scanned and I was told that they have “poly-cystic appearance”, to quote my sonographer. PCOS sounds as though it may be the likely outcome of all these tests; however, the exact diagnosis will be made using a combination of the scan results and some blood test results.
I will find out next week.
I am already convinced that I have PCOS. I do not think I need to wait to be told. I am sure, and I am worried about what this means for us.
Does this mean no more babies? No more children?
I have already been told that if either partner already has a child, fertility treatment is not available on the NHS. We have three between us. We cannot afford private treatment, it is simply not an option to us. Oh, how I wish it could be! I would pay any amount of money to help us conceive again.
I am also concerned about the other possible associated health risks of PCOS. But mostly I am just hoping that we can continue to try for this baby. Our very much wanted third child.
A baby brother or sister for our two little monkeys.
At the moment, we still have hope.”

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