John Adams Craft Club: Blo Pens Glitter Studio, Pixelo Neon & eZee Bead Review

November 7, 2017

John Adams have recently launched a Craft Club Facebook Page and to celebrate we’ve been sent some crafty products to review.

John Adams believe that variety is key. This is why they love bringing people together through games, toys and puzzles. They make toys and games that encourage creativity and provoke interesting talking points.

We were sent the following products:

Pixelo Neon

eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes

Blo Pens Glitter Studio

Pixelo Neon

I had never heard of Pixelo Neon before until we received it through the post. Aimed at children aged six and over, children can create vibrant, colourful artwork with a twist.

By choosing a colouring sheet, children can then use the Pixelo pen to colour with incredible dotted effects!


There are 7 different colour markers to choose from. When children want to change colour they can simply swap them in and out of the electronic pen to create magical dotted drawings.

Of course children can also use the markers as normal pens to doodle, draw and colour the colouring sheets in.

Inside the box you’ll find a Pixelo pen, 7 colour markers and 10 colouring sheets. This toy does require 1 AAA battery which isn’t included.

When your children use up all of the colouring sheets, you can head on over to the John Adams website for a free online Pixelo Owl and Jungle Colouring Sheet.

To get started, your child just needs to decide which colouring sheet they want to use and what colour marker pen they want to use first. Then they just need to put the marker pen into the Pixelo pen, press the button and start!

The Pixelo pen moves the marker pen up and down quickly so that when you put it to paper, it creates a dotted effect!

As you can see our girls loved colouring in the colouring sheets with the Pixelo pen. It was very easy to use and lots of fun for the girls!

eZee Beads

This eZee beads 3D mini scenes set has been designed for children aged five and over. It lets children create charming 3D scenes using just beads and water. Parents will be pleased to hear that no ironing is required!

This set comes with 4 pretty design cards to make, as well as some handy storage for your eZee Beads.

Inside the box you’ll find:

Over 1200 beads!

4 Design Cards

Water Sprayer

Bead Tray

Bead Storage

Plastic Pegs

To make a 3D mini scene children need to choose one of the design cards and then place it in the bead tray.

Children can then use the beads to copy the design on the card. They can either copy the colours on the design card or get creative and use their own choice of colours!

Once your child has completely covered the design card, they just need to use the water sprayer to spray their beads. This will set them in place so that the beads stick together.

Once cry your child’s design is finished and they can proudly show it off to friends and family, and then display it for all to see!

Our girls had lots of fun making their 3D mini scenes. They were really to make and lots of fun too!

Blo Pens Glitter Studio

I love Blo Pens! I had a set when I was little and I was amazed to find out that they’re still being made!

This Blo Pens Glitter Studio is for children aged 6 and over.

The Blo Pens Glitter Studio lets children colour and create decorations as well as make a beautiful butterfly mobile.

Inside the box you’ll find:

4 x Glitter tubes

5 Blo Pens

3 Flowers

8 Stencils

1 x Glitter holder

1 x Butterfly mobile

1 x Glue Pen

There’s also a handy cardboard easel which has lots of storage for the pens and glitters so that your children have a mess-free work area. The easel works best when placed on top of the box that the Blo Pens come in.

Alternatively, you could just cover your table with lots of newspaper or a disposable tablet cloth to protect it!

To use Blo Pens simply press out the pieces of one of the stencils and then put the stencil (pictured below) onto a sheet of paper. Children then need to blow through the pen to see the picture appear with amazing airbrush effects.

For added effect, children can then add glitter for extra sparkly details and shimmer!

Overall, we’re big fans of John Adams and their new Craft Club. All of the products above are lots of fun, enjoyable and will be played with numerous times!

Thank you John Adams!

For the purpose of this review we were sent the above products. All views and opinions are 100% my own.


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