It's Wedding Season!

Aside from my own wedding two years ago, I’ve never actually been to any other weddings as an adult.

I vaguely remember going to a few when I was a child, but it seems that everyone I know goes to hundreds of weddings of a year!

My sister who blogs at Two Under Two is getting married next month and I’m one of four bridesmaids. I’m the only adult bridesmaid as the other three as my girls and my niece.

My bridesmaids dress has arrived, as have the other bridesmaids dresses and I’ve not long met my sister for her very last dress fitting.

It’s all getting very real now!

I’ve heard a lot of people recently talking about online gift registries. If you’re unfamiliar it’s where the bride and groom can create a wishlist of gifts they’d like to receive.

The list is made available to friends and family who are attending the wedding so that they make pick something from the list to purchase as a wedding gift.

I’m not sure I like this idea!

I can understand why someone might use these lists. I mean who wants a gift that they’ll never use?

A gift that will just end up collecting dust in the corner of a room somewhere?


As the gift giver I feel if I have total freedom over the gift I’m buying, I can put more thought into it rather than just choosing the cheapest one off an online list!
I’d like to give a more personalised wedding gift. Urbanara has some very cool ones
Maybe some bed linen that’s been customised with the bride and grooms initials or something more practical such as towels.
What do you think? Are online gift registries a good idea or do you prefer to have the freedom to choose?

3 thoughts on “It's Wedding Season!

  1. WOW how exciting – I bet you can't wait. As mummy and daddy recently got married I can tell you tat they preferred to have free range and pick what they wanted but I guess everyone is different xxx Ax

  2. I think it's good to have some kind of gift registry or suggest vouchers from a specific store. Otherwise they may end up with 30 photoframes like someone else I know who said on their invite they didn't want any presents!

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