It's too soon! The twins start nursery!

September 8, 2014
I can’t believe that our beautiful, little girls will be starting nursery in April.

Where did all the time go?

I remember sitting on our worn out black sofa in our top floor flat thinking about what would happen the following day.
It was the night before our twins were going to be born.
I was both nervous and excited, but also terrified!
I’d never had an operation before and yet tomorrow would be the biggest of my life.
A planned C-section.
I was 34 weeks pregnant and our twins would be delivered six weeks early.
We knew they were going to be little and that they would need to spend some time in special care, but even armed with that information nothing truly prepared us for what was to come.
R was born first weighing 4lb3 and two minutes later M arrived weighing 2lb11. I gave them both a quick kiss and then they were whisked off to the intensive care unit.

R was put on a ventilator as she was struggling to breathe on her own and M was placed in an incubator to help keep her warm.
They stayed in hospital for 27 days and both made a great recovery.
The first few days went by in a blur of cuddles, nappy changes and bottle making!
I loved spending the days cuddling on the sofa in front of a film or lazing on a picnic blanket in the park.
Nowadays we still have cuddles, but not as many compared to when they were newborns and had no choice!
They’re two and a half now and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but they’ll be starting school nursery in April.
This will inevitably end with a hormonal mum crying and wondering how I’ll spend those two and a half hours a day on my own!
Time passes so quickly when our children are little. It really does feel like only yesterday when they were sleeping peacefully in their moses baskets.
I can remember babbling away to them, trying to encourage them to crawl, talk and eventually walk.
Of course there plenty of sleepless, stressful nights and we still have the occasional night waking’s, but it’s all been worth it!
Did you know that Fairy Non Bio is helping encourage mums and dads to make the most of those oh-so-soft cuddles with their little ones while they can!

They’ve seen millions of parents through every babygro, every toddler’s favourite party dress and then, all too soon, that first school uniform. They understand how quickly time passes and therefore the value of every precious cuddle.
I treasure the moment that my girls up in the morning and after naptime because I know I’ll get a good half hour to an hour cuddle!
The same when it comes to bedtime! We’ll put our pyjama’s on and sit in front of the TV watching In the Night Garden whilst having a sleepy cuddle.
Fairy asked mums what they missed most about their time pre-school. A quarter said it was those super soft kisses and cuddles, 43% said it was their child’s and 28% said it was just the constant background noise.
So while baby is busy growing and reaching all those many little milestones – from first giggles to first words, first toddle to first confident strides – make sure you make the most of every precious pre-school moment while they are still The Softest They’ll Ever Be.

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