Guest Post: Four Great Cities to Visit with Kids

Guest post

I always think that travel enriches my daughter’s life. She learns so much from the different cultures and way of life of people from different countries. This is one reason why I travel so much with her. I want to open her eyes to different things around the world. After a trip somewhere, she comes home learning about different religions, money, languages, local customs and geography of cities. I would much rather take her out of school than have her sitting in a classroom learning about places from a book.

My name is Vicky and I blog at and, and I am addicted to travel! Travelling with kids can be so much fun and seeing Tilly’s face when they see a new destination makes me feel so warm inside.

Here are 4 places that I recommend you take your kids to see. You can also find us on Instagram where our next adventures will be to Antwerp and Bruinesse (Holland) for Half Term and then Marmaris and Rhodes in May.


I travelled here with my daughter last year and she loved it. Kids do learn a lot when they go to school but nothing ever prepares them for going to historical places like this. Istanbul is like another world! It is a busy city full of people going about their daily life and shopkeepers trying to sell you their genuine Turkish souvenirs but it is also full of so much religious history and geography. Although I am not religious, I always encourage Tilly to go to church once a month and it was the same when we went to Istanbul, we went to see some mosques and although Tilly had learnt about different religions at school, it’s not until you actually go to a place like that that the history and other religions seem so real. Istanbul is on two continents too. There is part of Istanbul in Europe and Part is in Asia. How often do kids get to go to two different continents? 


Aalborg is in Denmark and it’s on the northern coast. it’s not a place that many people think to go to and it is the fourth largest city in Denmark. But Ryanair does flights there for £4.99 each way and on the way out you don’t pay an airport departure tax for the child’s flight so their trip usually ends up being free anyway. Denmark can be an expensive country to visit so even though the flights are cheap,  your accommodation could be a little bit more expensive but we always stay in the Cabinn hotel which is a budget hotel, but it is a lovely, clean, budget hotel. Aalborg is on the harbourside and it takes about 10 minutes to get to the city from the airport. When you are there, it is the most instagrammable beautiful city to visit. they love kids in Denmark and everybody is so friendly there. Check out the Ryanair deals on flights and the winter is the best time to go because you might be lucky to see the snow and although it’s cold it’s not actually windy so you don’t feel the cold so much.


I actually grew up in Germany as an army child and Berlin was always a city at that I wanted to visit, but with the Berlin wall up it was always kind of out of our reach. However a couple of years ago I managed to take Tilly to Berlin and it is the most lovely historical city to go and see. Although the wall came down many years ago there is still so much evidence of the east-west divide that it’s almost quite surreal. There is a part of the wall which still stands and it made us realise how lucky we are that we don’t have anything like this in our country, to stop us seeing our own families that could be divided by a wall.

There is of course so much more to Berlin than the wall and Checkpoint Charlie. We did a hop on hop off bus tour when we went there because it’s always the best way to see the city. It took us to the old East Berlin as well as the Olympic stadium that Adolf Hitler used to use for his speeches. Berlin is also famous for its amazing Christmas markets, the German Christmas markets are so beautiful and so special so make sure you get a trip to a German Christmas market while still there. And when we went there were statues of bears outside some hotels, shops, bars and restaurants.

These were the Berlin bear and they are a fantastic photo opportunity for the kids and a great way for them to remember Berlin. Whilst you’re there also check out the train station it is the most amazing architecture.


Budapest was never a country that I was ever really excited about to go to but we did a tour of Europe and I thought it would be a nice stop over for a few days. Turns out it was one of the best cities on a European tour and it has fast become one of Tilly’s favourite cities too. Flights to Budapest are not so cheap, but once you get there the accommodation is. There is a lot of Turkish influence in Budapest and whilst you’re there the Turkish baths are a brilliant place to visit. Even if you take the kids with you. Although Budapest was always an Eastern European country and I heard many scary stories about it,  it was one of the city’s I actually felt the safest in especially when we arrived late at night and we wanted to go for food at midnight. People were so helpful and helped to find a McDonald’s. Do a water tour while still there because it is the best place to see the parliament buildings from the river, and also do a hop-on-hop-off tour because it takes you all over the Buda side as well as the pest side. All the tours were really reasonable and there’s also a metro system and a really good bus system to get you around the city if you need to but we just walked most of it.


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