How To Get Your Family Back In The Garden

June 1, 2017

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We’ve all been there. Maintaining a garden is difficult, and once you let standards slip it becomes hard to find the motivation to get back out there. The overgrown weeds, dying plants, and tacky, old garden furniture are all things which aren’t quite as appealing anymore; there’s little to motivate the family to relax in the garden on a warm summer’s day or any kind of day, for that matter. Still, much like giving that cluttered living room or the broken cabinets in the kitchen a makeover, you’ll thank yourself for tackling that unappealing task later. Here are some ways in which you can get your family back in the garden if you no longer like the look of this outdoor space.

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Add colour and life to your outdoor space.

It’s time to get back into the gardening mindset. Summer is upon us, and your garden should be full of vivid colors. There’s no reason that this has to be a boring chore, and you could even get your children involved. Whilst de-weeding and mowing the lawn might both be boring things, the act of planting brand new flowerbeds is plenty of fun. You could even designate an area of the garden to growing fresh vegetables such as strawberries or cabbage if you want to give your children a fun project. That might make the garden exciting for them again and encourage the whole family to get out there more; give your outdoor space some purpose.

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Throw in some creature comforts.

You might have a nice patio area already, but it probably needs some work if it’s been neglected for a long time. Think of it like giving your kitchen a makeover; a deep clean is the first step. You could look into options such as a pressurewashervote to hose down the patio and restore it to its former glory. Cleanliness is the first step to making something old look brand new, but think of it like an artist working on a blank canvas; you need a clean slate in order to see what needs fixing. The plastic loungers might need to go, but you can see this as a great opportunity to invest in some comfortable, cushioned, pretty furnishings to go out on your patio; bring your living room outside, and the kids might actually want to relax out there with you. You can all admire your handiwork if the gardening stage all went to plan.

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Throw a party.

The final step to creating a fun garden for the family is to throw the party; it doesn’t even have to solely be a family affair. You could invite your friends, and the children could invite their friends. Create a fun, sociable place; rid the garden of its stale, unused atmosphere. You could even throw in some luxurious flourishes in order to create an enticing space for a party; a garden pavilion could really add some character to this area. It’s entirely up to you, but just don’t let your garden go to waste.


  • Will

    June 1, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    outdoor living a a great time for the warmer climate
    grilling, herb garden, umbrellas, comfortable seating and some cold drinks is the way to go
    Good read

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