Fun Additions to Your Garden That Your Kids Will Love

June 1, 2017

Out of all the places in the home, the garden is perhaps the most magical and mysterious for children when they’re young. If you have a large garden, then it could seem like a forest to their young innocent eyes, but there are times when our gardens are just dull, boring and lifeless because we simply didn’t put the time and effort into them. If you want to give your kids a backyard wonderland to explore and become inspired by, then here are a couple of fun and unique additions to add to your garden.


Bird watching

With a little investment, you could attract birds to your garden with a few simple renovations. For instance, a water feature like a small fountain is the perfect way to attract birds. In addition, a feeder is also another way to attract birds to your backyard. Make sure it’s filled with the right seeds. Get your bird food from a pet shop or a reputable online company, and make sure you tell your children not to scare the birds off when they come.

Add a pond

If birds are a nuisance to you, then how about fish? There are some safety regulations and considerations, and it does take some maintenance and investment. For instance, you’ll need to look at pond pumps that will help you keep the water clear so you can actually see the fish, and you need to add lots of plants to keep the pond healthy. Some plants sit on the surface of the pond, some will be deeper in the water, and you could always surround it with vegetation as well. It takes a lot of work to get a pond looking nice, but it’ll provide your children plenty of entertainment and they can also help to take care of the pond.


Build a playground

Nothing helps your children release their pent-up energy like a playground. You can be simple with it and build something like climbing apparatus on a tree or a swing made from a tire. If you want to get a little more advanced, then you’ll need to invest in metal bars and other playground apparatus for your children to play with. Safety is a concern here, so if you’re creating your own DIY playground equipment make sure it’s completely safe and sturdy. Alternatively, you could buy rubber playground mats and entire sets of climbing frames for your children to play in. Make sure to keep them clean and free of rodent and pest infestations as well.

Grow something

If you’ve got plenty of space in the backyard, then consider growing something. It could be plants, vegetables or even fruits—anything goes! Just make sure that you’re not neglecting them and teach your children how to take care of the plants so that they can take part in growing them. If you don’t have much space outdoors, then you could always get indoor planters as long as they’re exposed to sunlight. Your children will learn a lot about how plants work if they grow their own, and it’s an interesting hobby to have when they grow up.

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