Four Great Winter Crafting Ideas for Kids

Winter is almost upon us (even though Mother Nature would have us fooled that it is already here). With the weather getting colder, kids are likely to stay inside more, leading to ample time for them to drive their parents crazy. Don’t let them.

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Keep them preoccupied with some fun activities they can do indoors. More than likely, you will have to participate with them, but spending time with your kids and creating memories with them is a limited window so sit down with them and have fun watching them have fun.

One of the best things you can do is some creative arts and crafts. Make sure you have plenty of paints (washable, preferably), glue, and glitter. With it being winter, there are plenty of ideas you can incorporate into your kids’ crafting. Christmas is approaching and snow will probably be falling soon (if not already); use these themes to create some imaginative works of child art. Just be sure to do them at the dining room table. You don’t want to spill anything on that posh living room rug.

Snow Globes

The simplest thing to do, best for the youngest of children, would be to take a couple of sheets of construction paper and cut them into the shape of a globe and a base. The kids can then use different colors of construction paper and glitter to make the decorations inside the snow globe.

If you really want your kids to be creative, you can have them decorate the inside of a clear ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. Or, buy some of the empty snow globes and let them put what they want into them. If they are old enough to create three dimensional images, or if they want to put real life items into their snow globes, they can with these. Pulling these out every Christmas will have you reminiscing about the time you sat down with your kids and helped them make these wonderful pieces of art. Some tears may appear…


Never has there been a better use of empty toilet paper rolls than Christmas time. They have become so prominent in arts and crafts for this time of year, companies actually produce these in striped, candy cane styles, or a variety of other colors (without the toilet paper). Paint them white or cover them with white construction paper. Glue on some googly eyes, black beads for a mouth, and an orange construction paper nose.

You could do something similar if you have paper plates in the house. Let your kids draw, paper, or paint the plates to resemble the face of a snowman. Take it one step further and have them attach three plates together to make a full snowman, adding buttons to the middle section to complete the look.


Even though they are from the South Pole (which is in the middle of summer at this time of year), making penguins can be fun for Northern Hemisphere winters. Take a paper egg carton and cut the sections apart from each other. Your kids can them flip them upside down and paint or use markers to make the individual sections black. They can then add eyes and a beak to them; legs too, if they really want to be creative.

Using the toilet paper rolls, they could also make penguins that way. Cut out and glue on some wings, feet, eyes, and a white tummy.

Popsicle Sticks

These can be used to create a variety of things. Glue several together side by side, paint them white, then decorate them to resemble a snowman. Your kids can use the same method to create a variety of decorations: a mug (throw on some cotton balls to make it foamy), a snowflake, or a sleigh. They can combine these with any other types of crafting projects they want to do for the winter, demonstrating their creative abilities in doing so.

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  1. Thank you for these ideas. We’ve had family staying with us for the last week, but now they’ve returned home, I’m looking forward to some quieter days with my girls where we can do some crafting together.

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