Five Year-Round Wardrobe Essentials

July 9, 2019

Even though fashion is generally one of the most seasonally diverse concepts out there, there are still some items of clothing that are “year-round” – items that, no matter the weather outside, should be featuring in your wardrobe 365 days a year.

Year-round pieces make particular sense for those of us in the UK, where summer sometimes doesn’t act too summery, but everyone should have a few all-year essentials. So, what pieces should sit alongside your summer frocks as well as your Christmas jumpers?

Light and dark denim

Both your traditional blue jeans and darker options are a bit of a no-brainer for year-round fashion. Both classics, exceptionally versatile and as wearable on a summer’s day as a winter’s evening, you can load your wardrobe with a multitude of options – from a relaxed mum fit to spray on skinnies, to suit whatever style today brings.

Basic tees

The humble tee remains the staple of every girls’ wardrobe. Often a support act to a more standout piece, a selection of neutral colourways go as well under a jacket or blazer as they do when chilling around the house.

Don’t forget the striped tee, either. The black and white or navy and white horizontal stripe is a multipurpose classic.

Black flats

Shoes that can be worn with any bottom, whether it’s a jean, skirt, smart trouser or dress, will never go out of fashion, and a pair of black flats epitomises the perfect everyday option. Comfy, hard wearing and usually not too pricey for a good pair, black flats will remain the trusty bag-based companion to every girl who wants a break from their heels.

A good dressing gown

We all know sleep is life, so our accompanying wardrobe should be on point. The dressing gown plays an important part in most girls’ pre-bedtime ritual, perfect to slip on after a nice bath or, let’s be honest, the moment you get in from work on a night.

We all enjoyed onesies when they were a thing thanks to their snuggly delights. While they were a flash in the pan, the dressing gown is simply your upmarket version that has never gone away.


There are times in life when you really need to just slack it, and a pair of joggers is the ultimate companion for lazy days in. Grey sweatpants most certainly aren’t just for the boys, and a good pair will treat you well every single day of the year.

With the summer wardrobe in full flow, you’ll be saying goodbye to most of it in just a few months’ time. However, there are always a few items you should be keeping hold of, and the five above should survive the cull as we head into autumn and beyond.

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