March 30, 2013

I wonder if its just me or if its a common problem for twin parents. For quite some time now myself and twin daddy have noticed that some people appear to favour one twin over the other.

More often than not we hear one of our daughters names being said more than the others. It’s not just this though, when M is close by, every one fusses over her but when M is at the other end of the room quite happily playing by herself and R is close by, no-one pays her any attention.

It’s really annoying and quite frankly rude. I don’t want our daughters growing up feeling that certain people favour one over the other. They’re 13 months old and I think it’s disgraceful that some people can behave in this way.

Excuses people give such as; “Oh R likes to play on her own more.” Well, actually as I’m their mum and see them more than anybody else, they both play on their own for equally the same amount of time. Just because they don’t do it at the same time doesn’t mean one is more sociable than the other.

Just because one of our daughters will walk first shouldn’t take anything away from the one that doesn’t walk first because they happened to be the one who talked first!

I find it so annoying. Inevitably, our daughters have different personalities and different traits because believe it or not, although they are twins, more importantly they are individuals with individual needs, likes and wants.

We have told certain people previously about this, however they do not listen. No more! I don’t care who I upset because I will not have our daughters being treated unfairly and our daughters will always come first to me.

Some people who behave in this way, are themselves treated this way by others and therefore you would think, seeing as they don’t like to be treated like that, that they would use their head, a little common sense and open their eyes to the way they are behaving.

Is it just me? Do other parents of twins or those with more than one child also have this problem? What do you do to curb it?

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