Your Family or Your Pet?! Who will you choose when it comes to your Will?!

Wills in Number infographic

Writing a will is something I’ve often thought about doing. Although if I’m honest it’s not something I’ve done yet. Somehow time seems to just run away with itself!

Writing wills is certainly important, but it can also be pretty humorous at times too. This funny infographic was put together by some clever wills and probate lawyer London and it certainly makes for some interesting reading!

I don’t have any pets at the moment, but I do love cats and hope to have a pet cat one day. I did have two cats before our twins were born, but living in a two bed, second floor flat with two babies and two cats wasn’t exactly ideal so we chose to re-home them. It has got me thinking though. If we did get a cat, or any other pet for that matter, would I leave them something in my will?

Amazingly lots of people do leave things to their pets in their wills and if I’m honest some of them are pretty crazy! 

Take Gunther IV for example. Gunther IV is a dog, but he’s not just any old dog! He’s the richest dog in the world after inheriting his fortune from his father. German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein left Gunther III her fortune in her will, but he died a month, leaving his fortune to Gunther IV! I didn’t even know dogs could pass down fortunes, did you?

Moving onto my favourite animals now and we have Blackie. Blackie is a cat who holds the Guinness World record for Richest Cat after his owner, Ben Rhea, left half his fortune to his precious moggy! Like most rich animals, Blackie has a caretaker to pamper him for the rest of his life. Now, that cat has it good!

You may be surprised to here that it’s not just cats and dogs who are left massive fortunes in wills by their owners. Take Gigoo the chicken for example. This multimillionaire chicken, (words I never thought I’d write!), belonged to Miles Blackwell, a publishing mogul, who left the lucky fowl a big chunk of money in his will in memory of his late wife. The rest went to charity.

All of this leads me to ask you the question. Would you ever leave money to your pet in a will? I’m not sure I would! If you want to continue reading about these super lucky and animals, you can do so in the infographic below.

Wills in Number infographic

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