Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads Review

August 23, 2014

How do you even begin to start potty training twins?

This was something I’d asked myself on numerous occasions. I already knew that I wanted to wait until our girls were two years old. I remember that starting before this age wasn’t a good idea because children don’t tend to have control of their bladders until at least two years of age.
I knew that I would be patient and I knew that I wouldn’t rush our girls. I’d let them tell me when they were ready. In the back of my mind I’d had it in my head to start when they were two and a half.
The girls have always watched me and my husband when we go to the bathroom. We leave the door open so they can wander in and out as they please.
I would quite often talk to them about going to the toilet and the importance of washing their hands after we go etc.
It was inevitable that at some point they would want to have a go themselves.
We bought a toilet trainer seat and whenever they asked to sit on the toilet, we’d let them.
The first time they sat on the toilet they both did a wee. Hooray! 

To start with I thought we would just go to straight to the toilet and not bother with a potty at all.
My logic was that once they’d got used to using a potty, we’d then have to transition them to a toilet so I thought why not just start with the toilet from the beginning.
Although my heart was in the right place, this wasn’t always possible. For example, neither R or M could get up onto the toilet themselves, even with a stool.
We resigned ourselves to using a potty and it was the best decision we’d made!
We started off by letting the girls have some nappy free time in the evenings and encouraged them to use the potty if they needed to go. We’d talk them about it and although we had some accidents, which are to be expected, R quickly got the hang of it.
Within two months, R was pretty much potty trained! She know only wears a nappy to sleep. I have a portable potty for when we’re out and about which is a great investment by the way!
M, however was still having a few accidents. I did originally think about putting her back into nappies and maybe try to potty train in a few months’ time, but this felt like a bit of a backwards step.
When I heard that Dry Like Me were looking for people to test out their Potty Training Pads I was keen to see if they could help M.

I bought this pack of Early Days Pads off amazon using a voucher Dry Like Me had sent and they arrived within a few days.

As described on the amazon website:
·         14 extra absorbent disposable potty training pads
·         Ideal for the early stages of potty training
·         Soft and comfortable, fast absorbing core
·         Accelerates learning by helping the child feel when they have had an accident
·         Can be worn at the front or back to capture wee or poo
A bit like a sanitary towel the idea is that you place one (or two) pads inside your child’s underwear and if they have an accident it’s absorbed into the pad. Great for it you venture outside with your child, so there’s nothing running down their leg as you’re doing your food shop!

The idea sounded great!

When M was wearing underwear she would quite often just forget that she didn’t have a nappy on and would pee in her underwear.
I had hoped that by using these pads they would help M to recognise what was happening and in time prompt her to use the potty. It would have saved me lots of washing and cleaning up!
Unfortunately, after several attempts I had to stop using these pads.
I think they’re a great idea and I know they do work for some children, but for us they just gave M the feeling of wearing a nappy as everything was absorbed.
As mentioned above these pads are supposed to help your child feel when they have had an accident, but I think because accidents are absorbed by the pads they didn’t help M to notice.
I think there’s nothing better than wee running down your leg to let a child know they’ve had an accident! It may not be ideal when you’re out and about, but as long as you bring a spare pair of clothes you’ll be fine!
M has made real progress and is now using the potty more and has hardly any accidents now. I guess each child is different and will do it in their own time!
These pads didn’t work for us, but that’s not to say they won’t work for your child.

For the purpose of this review we were sent an amazon gift card to buy Dry Like Me Products.

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