Do you let your children play naked outside the home?

This topic has arisen quite randomly and rather out of the blue. I’m part of a journalist story request group on Facebook and one of the journalists was looking for two people. One who allows their children to play outside naked, whether it be in the garden, beach or perhaps the local park, and another who would never allow their children to play naked outdoors.

Being honest I am part of the group that would never allow their children to play naked outdoors. Yes, on occasion, M, who loves to be naked has sprinted into the garden with no clothes on and bounced up and down on the trampoline or into the paddling pool, but I certainly wouldn’t make a habit of it.

Having said that, the girls will quite often wander around our home with no clothes on in the evenings and that’s fine by me as they’re indoors and only me and their dad are there. The curtains and blinds are usually shut so no-one outside can see in. I have no problem with my children wanting to be naked, but I think it’s important to teach them when and where it’s appropriate to do so. The bath, shower, when getting dressed, in the evening before bed etc.

Anyway, back to the journalists request. The majority of people commenting were in the same group as me – that they would never allow their children to be naked outdoors. However I read one comment which kind of horrified me. Now obviously I know nothing about the lady commenting, but I did get the impression from her comment that she was of the older generation.

In brief she said that parents should let their children play naked in public. She played on the beach naked as a child, as did her children. She says that we should be giving our children the freedom to do this without worrying if there are paedophile’s around.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with this 100%. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but would I let my children play naked on a beach and not worry about the fact that there may be paedophile’s around? 


I want to protect my children. 

You never know who is around and what they could potentially be doing. They could be taking photos or videos, and you never know where those photos and videos could end up. Why would I want to voluntarily allow my children to be put at such a risk, all for the sake of a bit of ‘naked freedom’ away from the home? For me, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Also I have to wonder about what I’m teaching my children by allowing them to play naked in a public area?

That it’s ok? That it’s acceptable? Well, it’s not. I’m far from narrow minded. In fact, I’m quite open minded, but when it comes to my children’s safety, I take that very seriously.

The lady also mentioned that the reason she thinks we no longer allow our children to play naked outdoors is because we’re uncomfortable with seeing naked children. I don’t think that is the case at all.

Naked children do not bother me. Naked children who are potentially at risk of harm do bother me.

What do you think? Would you allow your children to play outside naked in a public place?

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  1. I I have loads of photos of me playing naked a toddler in the garden in the early 90's but I would never let my child do the same. Now with smartphone taking photos and videos is far too easy. I don't even put bath photos of any sort on Facebook or my blog social media even taken from chest up as I just don't want to expose my daughter in that way. I do worry about paedophiles and photos being shared online. Totally agree with you on this.

    Azaria- Being Mrs Lynch

  2. There's a splash pad near me and in the summer there's often naked tots running in it. Its never fazed me, I know their mum's are close by and obviously it's innocent but I do not think I would let my son be naked at home. I want to teach him about boundaries as early as possible.

  3. I grew up on the west coast of Scotland where we played naked on the beach – until we hit puberty, then we became aware of our bodies and naturally began to want to cover up. I take my children swimming in the same beaches I used to play on as a child – usually they have swim suits but if we are caught short then yes I do let them swim naked whether there are people around or not. I'm not going to let my entire life and that of my children be governed by the (very slim) possibility that a paedophile with a long distance lens may be lurking in the distance on a remote scottish beach. I'm not going to let my children's lives be governed by fear and I'm not going to let them grow up thinking there is something to be ashamed of in nakedness. I'm 35 so don't consider myself to be that old!

  4. I'm with you hun. I was never allowed to be naked as s child in the 90s apart from topless. I don't like it in public. Fair does in private but I'm already teaching my daughter about her privates etc but obviously not too much! There are way too many weirdos out there so save it for home I think. Great read xx

  5. I think it's all about context. Being on deserted beach in say Anglesey, or an isolated campsite is very different from being on a crowded beach or park where you are surrounded by people who may or may not have cameras/camera phones/ill intentions. I'm in the middle. I do worry about them in very public places but also want them to enjoy the freedom that only accompanies the very young, a time before you get self conscious and begin to want to dress to fit in. So if we're away and it's isolated and hot and my little one wants to paddle in a stream naked he can. Nat (my wife) is a child protection social worker and is already in the wrap them in cotton wool brigade as she sees first hand the outcome of some truly horrific cases. My argument has always been that if you are doing something safely, surrounded by only people you know and trust then I'd rather they didn't begin to worry about what could become of them. Childhood is a very short time. A time where you worry about nothing more than where you left your favourite ted. I don't want to spoil this.

  6. I absolutely won't let my kids play naked outside, yes they might be naked inside when about to go shower/bath but that's about it. When they're out, they're prone to a potential risk from other people who sees malice with naked kids. Same as you do, I will try to protect my kids as much as I can and teaching them the sense of privacy should start at home. #binkylinky

  7. My kids are past the age when this is an issue for me but I remember that age and location were crucial elements for me. For younger children in a private garden that is not overlooked I would not have an issue. However, I do appreciate that in a public area, you are not 100% able to monitor who is taking photos with their phones and this would make me feel very uncomfortable about my children being naked.

  8. We did the same as you – teach the Tubblet that although being naked is fine and our bodies are amazing, there's times and places. A public place isn't one of them imo. As you say, you don't know who's there and the world is very different now

  9. It's a tough one – I remember playing on the beach naked as a child but I don't think I would feel comfortable these days letting my kids do the same. Too many smart phones around and too many creeps looking. I would let them play naked in the garden in the paddling pool #binkylinky

  10. God I don't really know where I stand. I mean I let Alfie run around the garden nudey sometimes, not alot mind you but on the odd occasion I have but I have to admit I don't like to let him do it too much for fear of anyone who a bit of the odd side watching, around the house I'm a bit more relaxed but I do agree with your points. Plus I'm trying to get him in a habit of knowing that clothes are work daily! THanks for hosting #binkylinky

  11. I think this is good old British media unsighted fear again. I played and would let my toddler play naked at the beach. I've also spent quite a bit of time on naturist beaches in Europe. I think the risks are minimal and I don't think the world is any different- media coverage is just more wide spread so people think the world is a worse place. Agree to disagree ☺


  12. At home or in the garden Naked is ok in my eyes. If he got soaked in the sea splashing then I would say pants off but undies on. Stripped of in the car if needed.

  13. The reason our attitudes have changed to nudity is the birth of the internet. I wouldn't let my son run around outside naked, because if the image is captured it can't be deleted anymore, it can be spread worldwide though. I have a child that hates being dressed, if he could live in his pants, he would.
    Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are always visible, precautions aren't a bad thing x

  14. My husband and I have twins. Age 4. They love to run around naked. We let them go naked inside the house and the backyard. We live out in the country. We have this creek that about a foot deep water. On Sunday we take them there and let them play in the water and run around naked in the woods. They are getting nice all over tans. There in times our girls are naked 24/7 days at a time.

  15. I have a 6 year old girl. She loves to be naked. Last summer when she was home for the summer. I let her go nude 24/7. I have a wooden fence in back yard. So I know no body would see her. One time we did go to a state park. On body was there so I let her go skinney dippin. I have no issues with my daughter being nude in the privacy of my home.

  16. I would not let my children (regardless of age) play outside naked! As a matter of fact, the neighborhood is up in arms bacause two new neighbors let their (free range children) play outside totally naked! Call me old fashioned, but I do not wish to see their naked kids outside! Riding their scooters up and down the sidewalks and in people’s driveways. Put clothes on for goodness sake! Our neighborhood is okay, but just a street away, there are multiple registered sex offenders! Just not safe and dare this 59 year old woman say, not appropriate! In the house is one thing. I just don’t want to see it and the kids are all over the neighborhood!

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