Disneyland Paris 2018 Trip Report Day 4

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After the excitement of yesterdays Marvel Superhero Meal, my husband and I decided that today should be a bit more relaxed.

After a buffet breakfast in the Disneyland Hotel, we headed into the park with no plans, but to enjoy the day.

As we walked up Main Street, we saw that there was a very short queue to meet Donald Duck so we decided to join. This was during Early Magic Hours (EMH). Donald Duck was great, and my husband got a pretty cool selfie with him! Donal Duck signed the girls autographs books and posed for pictures with them.

We then headed into Frontierland and went on the Riverboat. This is something we didn’t do on our last trip and seeing as there was no queue, we thought why not!

The Captain (I think) was fab. We’d decided to walk up to the top deck, and the Captain came down to talk to us and our girls. He asked about our trip and then posed for some photos.

We then explored Frontierland and found the Dante statue (from the film Coco, which we love), so we posed for some photos!

We then queued to meet Woody and were first in the queue! As we wandered around we decided that we’d try to meet Alladin, and on the way over to his meet and greet we bumped into Jafar so we stopped for photos and for the autograph books to be signed.

We then headed over to meet Alladin, and again we were first in the queue for this! To our surprise, Alladin was accompanied by Princess Jasmine which was amazing!

We then queued up for 30 minutes to meet Peter Pan and Wendy, and then walked past Belle in her Village Dress with Gaston so joined the queue to meet them too!

After a lot of walking around, we headed back to the Disneyland Hotel for a character lunch in Inventions. Here we met Chip and Dale, Mr Penguin, Eeyore, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey.

After a rest back in our hotel room, we decided to watch the parade by Plaza Gardens and got a good spot sitting on the pavement.

We then had tea in Plaza Gardens which is a lovely buffet style restaurant. It’s always pretty busy, but you don’t have to queue, if at all, for food.

We then watched the Princess Waltz at 8.15pm on the stage by the castle, our girls loved this, especially when the Prince’s came out too!

We then went on some rides and headed back to our hotel.

Today wasn’t as tiring as I thought it would be considering how many characters we’d managed meet!

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