Copy, Copy, Copy, Me Do

M (left), R (right)

It’s great having twins! I would say that though because I’m a twin mum, but it’s true! It’s great!

As well as having two beautiful girls to cuddle and kiss and love, we also have two beautiful, messy little girls to clear up after!

I often hear of people saying that children learn best by copying what we do. For example, we have a play teapot and tea cups and both our girls pretend to pour themselves a cup of tea and take a sip from the tea cup after watching us pretending to do this.

Another thing I hear is people saying that their youngest child learns a lot by watching and copying what their older siblings do.

R and M defintely copy each other and it’s great. M does tend to do more of the copying as she’ll watch R or hear R say something and she’ll copy. It’s a great way of learning.

People always used to ask me who I thought would walk first and I always said that I thought they would walk at pretty much the same time and I was right. From crawling to cruising and walking they copied each other.

It’s also great fun to watch. If R is runninig around like a loon, M will copy and I’ll be sat in the middle watching them race around!

I also think it’s important now at this age that the girls watch mummy do certain things. They’re fast approaching 2 years old of age and for quite some time now they’ve shown an interest in potty training.

They’re both noticing when they need to go and quite often they’ll either bring me a nappy and a pack of wet wipes for me to change them or they’ll take my hand and lead me into the nursery for a nappy change.

It’s safe to say that being a parent means a lack of privacy when we mums do certain things! Like going to the toilet for instance, but this is a good thing. R and M began using wetwipes to wipe themselves when they have a bit of ‘naked’ running around time.

Not only is it healthy to let them run around for a while without any clothes, it’s also beneficial in teaching them about their bodies. From showing R where her head, feet, arms are etc, M has picked up these body parts by watching me ask R where they are and seeing R pointing to them.

Books are important too. After M saw a hat in a book, I asked where you put a hat and she’ll put her hands on her head and in turn R has copied M and learnt this too.

It really does amaze me, watching our little girls learn new things and say new words. They pick on things so quickly and learn new words at the drop of a hat.

One thing I’m especially glad about is that R hasn’t decided to copy M in tipping her food over her head! Not yet anyway!

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