You Can Save Money (Even If You Think You Can’t)

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Whether you want more money to invest in a renovation project, you need to buy a kitchen appliance, or you simply want to save some money for a rainy day, no matter what your financial circumstances are right now, it is almost certain that you can save some money. It might not be easy, and you won’t always want to do it, but if you just knuckle down and focus on the big picture, you’ll soon see your savings pile grow.

Here are some simple ways you can save money even when you think it’s impossible:

Cut It Out

If you indulge in a McDonald’s breakfast every morning or you can’t pass a Starbucks without going inside for some creamy coffee goodness, you’re going to have to cut it out. One of the best ways to save money is to stop spending it on those things that might be nice, but aren’t really essential. “But, a coffee’s just chump change!” I can hear you cry. No, it isn’t. Check out this HughCalc-Coffee Cost Calculator to see just how many hundreds of dollars you could save by giving up your daily caramel cappuccino for a year, and I guarantee you’ll be shocked!

Make the most of discount codes

You can get some amazing discount codes and vouchers online. If I ever need to buy something online, I always search online for a discount/promo code or voucher code. Websites such as dealsplanet is a great place to start your search.

Take on a Second Job

Before you say it, yes you do have the time. Taking on a second job doesn’t mean that you have to apply for another 50-hour office job or work in the local convenience store! You can earn a couple of hundred dollars extra a week by taking on small freelance jobs, such as writing online articles, dog sitting and even becoming a personal shopper. These are jobs that you can fit around other commitments to bring home a bit more bacon each month.

Sell Stuff

Whether you have a garage full of old furniture, a bundle of baby clothes that you no longer need or a games console that rarely gets used, you can make a few extra bucks by selling them online or at your own yard sale.

If you don’t have any valuable stuff just lying around, why not create some? If you’re crafty, you can sell your own creations on Etsy, or in the local community and put the profits into savings. You probably won’t get rich due to the time it takes to craft things, but every penny counts!


Cable, Netflix, Craftsy, podcasts – it seems like there are more subscription services available than actual products these days, and although they have their place, if you are barely using them, it might be time to unsubscribe and save a few dollars. Conversely, taking up a subscription could help you save money if you use it to replace a more expensive service. Switching cable for Netflix, for example, could save you hundreds of dollar annually, so be smart and choose your subscriptions wisely.

Use Credit Repair Services

If you have a poor credit rating, visiting Sky Blue Credit Repair Review 2017 – Best Credit Repair Services to find a good credit repair company might just be one of the best things you can do. You see, there will probably come a time in the future when you need to use credit again, and when that time comes, you want to spend as little as possible on repayments. If you have a good credit score, you will be able to apply for lower interest offers, which will save you money as you pay back what you’ve borrowed.

See a Penny

Saving all of the loose change you collect or find on the street, and putting it into a jar might now buy you a mansion in LA, but you’d be surprised how much it adds up to over the course of a year, so don’t throw those pennies away and see how much you could save!

Brown Bag It

Sure, you might love your daily Subway sandwich or Friday’s at the local sushi place with your co-workers, but can you really afford it? By taking your own lunch to work, you could save thousands of dollars between now and the day you retire!

Have Fun for Free

Instead of spending $50 to take the family to the movie theatre, check out your local listings to see if there are any free events this weekend. Most bigger towns and cities have a whole host of free events and attractions, including museums, outdoor movies and local fairs, that can help to keep your entertainment costs down without ruining your fun.

What are your top tips for saving money on the costs of everyday living?

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