Can a routine be flexible?

I have blogged previously (click here to read post) about routine and whether you should live your life around your babies routine or whether your baby should just fit into your every day life. For the past few months Twin Daddy and I have definitely allowed the girls to dictate our lives. By that I mean we arrange our days and the times we go out to fit around nap times and when the girls eat. For example, when the girls were having two naps a day we would wait until after the second nap of the day to go and do our food shop. However, now that our girls have recently dropped to one nap a day we tend to do our food shop in the mornings.

I’m really starting to enjoy having that extra bit of time where we can get out of the house and actually do something, but having said that I still feel a little restricted and a little bit of a prisoner to the routine. I would love to be a bit more flexible and more ‘go with the flow’ if you know what I mean. I’m going to attempt to try this out this week (weather permitting) and take our girls to the Techniquest Toddler Day. I plan to go in the morning around 930/10am but instead of being back home by 12 to give the girls their lunch and letting them have their 90 minute nap, I have decided to be brave (or stupid, we’ll see after the event!) and attempt to give to our girls their lunch whilst out and then I’m hoping that they’ll sleep in the pushchair so I can have some lunch somewhere and maybe even a wander round the shops.

If you have been a regular reader of my blog you will remember that I have given the girls lunch when out on my own once before. It’s slightly different now from that time because the girls were on baby food jars then and they are now on normal food. This week I’m going to try them with sandwiches as this will be easier when out and about rather than buying a hot meal and trying to feed them that. I think R will be ok with sandwiches as she pretty much eats anything, but M maybe a bit more challenging. Either way l, tomorrow is Wednesday and the toddler day isn’t until Friday so I have two days to see how the girls take to sandwiches!

I would just like to be able to go out and not worry about when they should be sleeping or not have to worry if they nod off in the car for 10 minutes and so what if they go down half an hour later. Do you know what I mean?! Especially with summer coming as I’m really looking forward to days out in the park or the beach or even the zoo or a farm with our girls.

What do you think? Can a previously strict(ish) routine become more flexible? Does it work?

2 thoughts on “Can a routine be flexible?

  1. I think it can, I wouldn't over think it because the little ones will pick up on that. I think if they are tired they will sleep so I would make sure they are in the pushchair by the time they normally nap. same for eating, if they are hungry they will eat, sometimes my fail is to give too many snacks so they won't eat the sandwich I've prepared. they might wonder what's happening if they are so used to a certain routine so don't be put off if it doesn't work quite how you planned first time,it's definitely worth pursuing with the summer months coming. can't wait to hear how it goes.

    1. Thanks Hun. I think they will take to eating away from home quite well, I just don't want to over do it really and have to order hot food for them because if takes a while to come I know they will start to get irritable that's why I thought sandwiches would be better but if they don't take it I think I would give the toddler day a miss until the following month (as its only once a month). I just feel I have to be brave and push myself out of the comfort zone and safety of our home a little bit. I think they should nap ok in the pushchair but we will see! I will post an update to let you know how it went xx

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