B’s Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 2. AMH Results.

Following on from last weeks post, B is back to share with us her Egg Sharing IVF Journey. To read her first post, click here.

So,  Monday came and I was waiting for the clinic to call me with my results. Being impatient, I decided to call them instead. The line rang through and the receptionist answered and I asked if she could check if my results for my AMH were back yet. She went away to find out, the line went quiet and I was stood there repeating over to myself in my head, “please be good, please be good”. 

She came back on the line, and gave me my results.


Which she said is very high, but good for egg sharing. Basically, it was kind of expected that it would be high due to my PCOS, but I never thought it would be this high. I then went on to ask about Metaformin, as my doctor at the clinic mentioned that they would put me on it if my results came back very high (indicating PCOS) and she said they would do that when I go back for my treatment planning appointment. 

So that’s that.

The next hurdle is getting my GP to do all my blood screening, including screening for cystic fibrosis and karotyping, (checking my genes), which are both expensive blood tests. My appointment is on Monday 25th of February. I don’t really know what we will do if they refuse, as we can’t afford to pay for the testing ourselves until next year. I mentioned it to my mum when I text her to let her know my AMH levels came back and her reply was, “we will cross the bloods bridge when we come to it” and “I am sure we can find some money from somewhere between us all”. 

I love our family, we are so very blessed. J has also told his parents about us pursuing IVF this week. He has told them that any questions they may have are to be asked through him, as he doesn’t want anyone accidently upsetting me, which can be so easily done when it comes to infertility. 

One hurdle over with, another one to over come. I have also entered a competition to win a free IVF cycle in Greece this week, and emailed Hammersmith about a trial of a new trigger hormone they are using instead of HCG, that they require volunteers for. I would be perfect for the study and they have said I can book an appointment if I wish, but the travelling back and forth from South Wales to London just wouldn’t be viable, especially with the costs involved, even though the cycle would be free of charge, so frustrating. 

Again, thanks for reading. I will update when I’ve been to see my GP at the end of the month, praying they will help us.

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