Brilliant Mum Feature Week 73

Brilliant Mum Feature

Hello and welcome to the Brilliant Mum Feature. Once a week I will be featuring one mum in a bid to find out more about them and their lives.

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Brilliant Mum Feature

This week our brilliant mum feature is Kathryn who blogs at A Mum Like Me.

Kathryn is a Yorkshire Mum to two boys, Henry who is 5, and Leo who is 2. Kathryn says they are both wild, but hilarious and kind too and they make her smile everyday. Kathryn works part time at a local cafe now. After she had Henry she decided she no longer wanted the stress of a big career and wasn’t ready to go back and leave him either. Kathryn says it’s been tough, but the best decision because she gets to be with the boys everyday.

Kathryn says she doesn’t get much spare time, but when she does, she blogs, spends time with friends or researches holidays she can’t afford! Kathryn has recently started running with her mum who is super fit, and hopes to take part in pretty mudder this year.

Thanks for taking part Kathryn!

Have you always wanted to be a mum?

I guess deep down I did and I don’t regret it but Henry happened before we had chance to discuss that and we are so very glad he did. I love the sense on belonging and purpose you get being a mum and have made so many new and genuine friends.

How did you feel when your children were born?

Henry’s birth was to put it bluntly AWFUL! I was induced at 42 weeks but nothing was happening at the various stages in induction so I was put on the drip. The whole process took 3 days. I needed a lot of stitches and I was totally shell shocked by the experience vowing to never ever do it again! Fast forward 3 years and I’m in natural labour with Leo one day early. As last time labour was so long I convinced myself I had ages to go. I was wrong and as soon as I arrived at hospital I was 10cm and pushing. From those first little pains to holding Leo it took just 6 hours.

What have been your most rewarding experiences so far as a mum?

I best day was introducing Henry to Leo and I’m so so glad I caught that moment on video. Other than that I love seeing their little developing personalities. I’m so proud of the little boys are are.

What are some of your funniest moments to have happened to you as a mum?

Gosh so many. When at School Henry had the opportunity to skype the headteacher where he decided to tell her of the time Daddy came home and threw up on the rug! We were mortified! I was panicking that they would think it was a regular occurrence and chris was really embarrassed. Luckily she found funny and thankfully it never happened again!!

Have there been any situations with your children that you have found difficult to cope with?

Over the years there have been many of these. Henry is like an excited puppy 24/7. His excitement means he finds it hard to calm down. Once I learnt little coping mechanisms for him and me things got abit less stressful. I’ve learnt he has to be busy and he has to know what’s happening with his day and I’ve learned shouting doesn’t work so I try not to do that as I found I was only shouting as I was annoyed. It doesn’t help Henry in anyway.

What are your dreams and hopes for your children?

When I was young I felt my parents (although wanting the best) frowned on certain jobs. I’d love for them to follow their hearts. We are told to decide on a career very early in life and it’s a lot of pressure to deal with on young shoulders so I want them to try different things, learn as much as they can and not be afraid to change something if it doesn’t make them happy.

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