Brilliant Mum Feature 93

Brilliant Mum Feature

Hello and welcome to the Brilliant Mum Feature. Once a week I will be featuring one mum in a bid to find out more about them and their lives.

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Brilliant Mum Feature

This week our brilliant mum feature is This week our brilliant mum feature is Care who blogs over at Care Johnson.

Care is a 24 year old mum to a threenager with one on the way. She lives with her partner,, Ben, in West Yorkshire. Care says she loves cleaning, ironing, washing and all things ‘mum’. She loves bargain hunting and blogging in her spare time.

Thanks for taking part Care!

Have you always wanted to be a mum?

Never. No. Not until I fell pregnant. Then I couldn’t wait for more!

How did you feel when your children were born?

I went into labour at 35 weeks with Rhun. I had plans for him to be born at our local hospital in Wales. However due to me falling into preterm labour we travelled along the border to the specialist unit in Shropshire making Rhun not Welsh- slightly irritating but safety first. Labour was a breeze, I had no problems had a natural vaginal birth with no complications. So much so I couldn’t wait to fall pregnant again. Best experience of my life. I think I enjoyed it more than I should!

What have been your most rewarding experiences so far as a mum?

Having a concrete routine means you have a happy child. Looking back on photos Rhun has the biggest grin in every photo. We haven’t seen many sleepless nights as I got him into a 4pm bedtime when he was just 3 months old. People told me it wouldn’t last but I know developing children need sleep and consistency. He’s now 3 and goes to bed at 5pm wakes at 7am. He wakes with the biggest grin every morning and is a delight to be around. I honestly believe all my rewarding experiences have come from putting things like this in place early on.

What are some of your funniest moments to have happened to you as a mum?

Recently went for our scan at the hospital and took Rhun. I wanted him to be involved very early on so he didn’t feel pushed out by baby. I showed him the scan picture and baby on screen. Obviously 3 year olds don’t understand how scans work but couldn’t see baby could just see ‘the burger I ate from McDonald’s’ so went and told everyone (whilst waving the scan picture around) mama has McDonald’s poo her belly and she took a photo. I’ve never been so humiliated but found it hilarious that’s how he had interpreted it!

Have there been any situations with your children that you have found difficult to cope with?

Public meltdowns. I’ve learnt to switch off and ignore him until he’s calmed down – inside I’m incredibly frustrated and just want to cry myself but people praise you for staying calm and handling it well – that’s what keeps you going.

What are your dreams and hopes for your children?

To enjoy their life and have faith and courage in themselves to do what they want to do. Follow all hopes and dreams without fear of judgement of others. Become resilient in those situations if needed.

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