Bedtime routines at two years old

It’s been a long day.
6.30pm arrives.
The girls are in their pyjamas, as am I!
We make our way into the kitchen and grab a bottle of milk from the counter top.
M is in daddy’s arms, whilst R is cradled in mine.
We return to our front room.
The blinds have been closed and the curtains drawn.
We’ve said goodnight to the outside world and turned the lights off.
The TV is on mute and I can’t wait for the girls to sleep so I can just sit and do nothing!
At just over two years old, I thought I would share with you our twins bedtime routine.

They both follow the same routine and aside from a few minor changes, their routine has always been the same since they were a few months old.
I’ll give R her milk and my husband will give M hers.
Both girls are very different. Personality wise, their mannerisms and also their sleeping habits.
M will sit in daddy’s arms next to him on the sofa and hold her bottle and drink most of it herself.
R will lay on my lap, cuddling her blanket and stuffed toy dog. I’ll rock her gently and every now and then remove her dummy to give her some of her milk. This will be repeated for approximately half an hour until R is sleep.
I’ll then put her down in her cot for the night. Some nights she’ll wake once for me to put her dummy back in. Other nights she’ll wake a few more times.
I don’t mind. I guess I’m used to it.
My husband will let M drink some of her milk and then he’ll cradle her in his arms and give her the rest of her bottle. Gently patting her back until asleep, Twin Daddy will then lay M in her cot.
M will still in her cot for anything from an hour to three hours, but one thing is always certain with M. She’ll end up in our bed!
When M wakes, my husband will go to her and bring her into the front room where she’ll fall back to sleep in daddy’s arms and then she’ll stay on the sofa asleep until we go to bed and she’ll come with us and sleep in our bed.
I don’t mind because M will be on my husband’s side of our super king size bed, so if she moves or fidgets I can’t feel her.
I do sometime wish that M would spend the night in her own cot or at least stay in her cot until we’re going to bed so that my husband and I can cuddle on the sofa together or watch a film together.
I can’t really complain though because they do both sleep really well. Although an extra or two in the morning would be nice!
Do follow the same bedtime routine at night or are you struggling to find the perfect routine?

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