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Arts and Crafts Go Digital

As children, most of us grew up engaging in the traditional form of arts and crafts. Either in a schooling environment or at home with our minders. Paints, crayons, papier mache or clay. The list of arts and crafts is endless. It’ a way to keep the mind sharp as well as being an enjoyable past time.  Needless to say, times are changing. Life has become digital. You can now video call your doctor, do banking online or even download design apps. These apps can be anything from knitting, house design, DIY or painting, to name just a handful. The beauty of these apps is you can play them across any mobile device once you’ve downloaded the app. 

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Choosing a Mobile Device

It’s unlikely you’re going to choose or change your mobile device depending on the selection of art and craft apps you can download. With that in mind, there tends to be a wider choice of free arts and crafts apps from Android. Once you have access to the Play Store, you have the world of apps at your fingertips. In certain circumstances, you’ll be given Android bonuses when you download certain apps or use the app regularly. 

Our top 6 apps include;

Houzz Interior Designs

Man, woman or child, who can resist the allure of renovating a house to become a swanky pad, cozy home or luxurious mansion. All this and more can be done using Houzz Interior Design. The beauty of this app is that there are over 14million photos that can help you brainstorm and find the right design for you! View products discover unique trends and browser photos to help you settle on your favourite design. 


What makes Udemy so special is that it’s a platform of learning. From Computer programming to knitting, who hasn’t at one stage wanted to learn a new craft and perfect it? Whether you decide to knit a pair of warm woollies or to create a gourmet meal from start to finish, Udemy is one of the most popular apps to learn new skills. It leans slightly towards the professional but without a doubt there is a large selection of healthy arts and crafts for the newbie as well. There is little doubt that creating something helps manage our feelings in a more positive way and aside from impressing family and friends, will do wonders for your self esteem.


By far one of the most popular tutorials on the net. Although not the most in depth or the most useful, take for example how to get a six pack abs, but abs apart, the arts and crafts section will not disappoint. WikiHow markets itself as How to Do Anything and it’s funny, informative and entertaining. The best part is that you can download the app for free and is not loaded with advertisements. You can learn how to drink eggnog like a boss or how to string popcorn on a Christmas tree. The pictures are bright and happy and there are photographs, illustrations and videos that will show you step by step how to master a craft. 

DIY Arts and Crafts

If you’re a parent, the most rewarding way to enjoy arts and crafts is with your children. For those cosy moments with your most precious possession, this app store offers a huge gallery with tons of interesting ideas and detailed instructions. It’s complete and colourful fun for the whole family. Decorate your back yard by using recycled products, or let your kids cut and paste during the school holidays. This app features some very interesting and useful ideas with bright and breezy photographs. You will be surprised to learn how many unique objects you can create by using old items. This app is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Arts And Culture

For the more tech savvy who have a hankering to create something beautiful, Google Arts and Culture is available for download from the app store. Have you ever wondered what Van Gogh’s Starry Night looks like up close? Do you know the differences between modern and contemporary art? This fascinating and educational app will transport you across the globe simply to admire a museum up close and personal or view top sites in the world by time and colour. You can visit top exhibits, zoom in on artwork in mind blowing detail or use the Google cardboard viewer which will immerse you in virtual reality. If you want to learn something new every day, Google Arts and Culture will teach you how.


One of the most popular apps in the Google Playstore, learn to sew, knit crochet or embroider like a professional. Attend one of the classes and enjoy very detailed and easy to understand tutorials and let your creativity play. Taking private classes these days is a costly business but with this app you pay a fraction of the price and get top quality lessons with easy to understand pictures and videos. Learn a new craft or fine tune something you’re already good at. At Craftsy you will find anything from quilting to cake decorating and jewellery making.

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