An update on our play dates

Last month I wrote a post about how I’d decided to stop going to playgroups in favour of play dates. I explained that although I’d been going to one particular play group for well over a year, I’d yet to make any real friends there. Nobody would talk to me as everyone had already formed their own friendships. It left me feeling a bit lonely.

Anyway, that was then and I’m pleased to say that it was a very good decision to ditch the play group! I still go to one play group on a Wednesday, which is a friendly, small group. I feel it’s important for R and M to go to at least one play group so that they can play with the older children, but it’s also important for me as it gets me out of the house and gives me the chance to have some adult conversation, hence keeping me sane!

It took a lot of courage for me to ask another mummy over to my house for a play date, but I’m glad I did it! I had a few play dates with her at my house and also at her house and they all went well. I’ll refer to her as ‘A’.
I’ve since made another mummy friend, we’ll call her ‘C’, and we’ve had a play date over her house too and vice versa.
A few weeks ago, A, invited me and C over to her house for a play date. I was a bit nervous as I’m not great in social settings – I like my own company!, but I’m glad I went. I nearly bottled out it, but thought that it’d be good for the girls as well as me!
We had such a good time and both R and M really surprised me!
When we arrived, A’s daughter asked M to play and she led her out into the hallway. This amazed me! M actually had the confidence to leave the room without me! She played happily in the hallway for a while with two of the other girls before they all went up to the little girls bedroom to play with her toys.
R stayed in the living room with me for a while, but when M came downstairs to use the toilet, R decided that she wanted to go with M upstairs to play with the two other girls.
I was overjoyed! Probably too overjoyed, but this is a big thing for me and the girls!
It’s the first time that they’ve played independently with other children, without having me by their side!
I was actually able to sit downstairs in the living room and have an adult conversation whilst the kids all played upstairs!
We took it in turns to check on the girls and the first time I went up R and M were sat on the floor playing with the toys in the girls room.
The second time I went up I felt like I’d walked in on a girly sleepover! They were all on the bed listening to music on one of the other girls music player!
It was really great to see them playing independently and it’s made me feel a bit happier about the girls starting nursery in September, although I still wish I could go with them!
Aside from the children all playing well, us mums had a good time too. We’ve actually arranged a night out together for some food and I’m really looking forward to it!
I haven’t had a night out since before the girls were born so it’ll be strange, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it and hopefully it’ll be the first of many!

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  1. Sounds like a great play date! I don't go to any playgroups and only have a few people I have play dates with. I'm very shy and find it hard to walk up and talk to people and I hate to be made to feel on my own. I'm lucky my best friend has a little one the same age as Noah as without her I think I'd be very lonely xx

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