Am I boring?

If you ask me what my idea of a good night is, I’d say being at home with my husband. Our girls would be asleep in bed. We’d have a good film on, and perhaps a takeaway too. I’d be laying on the sofa under a blanket next to my husband.

Boring? Perhaps, but that’s my idea of a good night!

That may change as our children get older. I may push the boat out, and my husband and I may go out for a meal in the evening, perhaps a concert or the cinema etc, but for now a night in is a good night for me!

I’m not one of these people who enjoy going out, getting hammered and dancing until you get kicked out. I wasn’t even that person when I was a teenager. Yes, I’d go into town with my mates. We’d go to clubs, I’d drink, but I can count on one hand the amount of times I got drunk. It just wasn’t for me.

See, I can be fun and hip and trendy!

I’m quite happy going to the pub for a drink in the evening, and for a meal etc, but clubbing to the early hours just isn’t for me!

I recently went into town with my friends, and whilst the club was great and I recognised the songs being played, as it was a 90s night, I just didn’t enjoy the dancing aspect of it.

I know some people enjoy going out and doing all of that, but it’s just not me. Does that make me boring? Some may think so, but then I look at my life and I know that I’m not boring.

Although nights out may not be my thing, I’ve done plenty of things that many others haven’t. I’ve organised numerous charity events to raise funds for various charities. I’ve run a half marathon, and this weekend will see me run my second half marathon. I’ve also bagged myself a charity place at the London Marathon 2019 and have so far raised £1,400 for them.

I also like to fill my weekends with family outings and days out. To be honest, by the time the evening comes round, after having spent the day working, looking after the children, cooking and cleaning etc, all I really want to do is relax in the comfort of my own home!

19 thoughts on “Am I boring?

  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the things you’ve noted that you like doing. I very much look forward to our take away and bottle of wine and watching stuff we like on a Friday night. Not everyone is in to the same stuff such as going out clubbing, and that’s what makes the world interesting!

    Good luck for the run too!

  2. Not boring at all. I much prefer staying in than going out. As we grow, we change, nothing wrong with that. I did my getting drunk and being silly in my late teens. By 21 I was a homeowner!

  3. What have other people to do with you being boring or not? Nothing! We don’t let other people decide what we will eat for dinner, or what we will wear, or indeed anything important in our lives, so why let anyone else decide if you are boring? If you are happy? You do what makes you happy, and once no horses are frightened, or no-one else gets hurt, just carry on doing it! #ThatFridayLinky

  4. You certainly aren’t boring. Priorities change as we get older. A night in with a good film and takeaway sounds like heaven to me #thatfridayLinky

  5. You are not boring! That evening sounds like my idea of heaven. I’m not a bit drinker either. I do love a good dance though but clubbing until the early hours is not my thing. Funnily enough, my Hubbie and I were talking about this the other night…….are we boring? No! As long as you are enjoying your life then does it really matter even if you are considered boring? #thatfridaylinky

  6. Hello Emily,

    You’re not boring at all! I don’t think there’s any boring person. Each of us has our own personalities that make us unique and interesting. And that can never be boring. #thatfridayLinky


  7. Over the years Emily, what you want changes. More to the point, I look back at the John in his twenties and I can now be honest. Did I REALLY enjoy those nights in awful nightclubs, being too shy to talk to any of the women there? Did I really enjoy those awful house parties where inexperienced, small town 19 year old drinkers would drink until they vomited, convinced this was a great way to spend their time? Er, no, I did not, or I at least questioned what was going on, unsure if this was a good way to spend my time. No you are not boring Emily, you’ve merely grown up and are honest with yourself. Thanks for hosting #thatfridaylinly

  8. Everyone has their own way of relaxing or blowing off steam, and even that changes depending on their mood. To one it may be boring, but to another it could be a skill… “I wish I could settle in front of the TV, but I always find I need to be doing something…”

  9. I don’t think you sound boring at all – it actually sounds like you have a lot going on with a family, half marathons and fundraisers! I think there’s nothing better than lying on the sofa watching a film and I can’t think of anything worse than going clubbing now! #thatfridaylinky

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