Advice to my younger self

The older I get the more I’ve found myself thinking about what advice I would offer to my younger self if I could go back and do so.

Thoughts range from ‘don’t even think about dating him’ to ‘don’t eat that chocolate bar!’ In all seriousness though it didn’t take me long to start remembering all of the things that used to worry me as a child.

I was always a bit of a worrier. I don’t know why really. I mean I had everything I could ever have needed and wanted. I even had worry dolls! They were like little knitted dolls that I would tell my worries to at night time. I’d then put them under my pillow and they were meant to help ease and take your worries away!

Oh, how I loved my worry dolls!

I think I may have been the only 13 year old to worry about pensions, retirement and how I would ever be able to afford to own my own car!

I worried about how old I should be when I should have children. When would I get married? What would I do for a living?

It may seem bizarre, but those really were the things that I worried about as a teenager.

If I could go back in time I would tell myself to stop worrying so much!

I’d reassure myself that I have plenty of time to do all of the things that I want to do, so there is by no means any need to rush into anything.

I would also tell myself not to worry too much about my financial future. As it turns out I’m quite savvy with money and this means I know how to save it.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

9 thoughts on “Advice to my younger self

  1. I had never heard of 'worry dolls' before. That is such a sweet concept! My little man is such a worrier, I might have to use that trick to help him sleep better! If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy being carefree & young!

  2. I had worry dolls too. I got them as a gift from a family friend. My Nathan found it freaky that I'd put them under my pillow whilst I slept, but I could tell them things I felt silly telling anyone else. I need to show them to him to see if he remembers them haha. I was a bit of worrier, but about silly things. Sounds like you worried about much bigger things than me xx

  3. I would definitely go with telling myself not to worry too, I worried about everything and as a result feared a lot of things and spent/wasted a lot of time worrying about things that never actually happened!
    I still worry about lots of thing now, but I am trying to stop and worry less and just relax =)

  4. I'd tell myself to get out of the pub and study when needed but also to relax and go to the pub when needed! (and to run for the hills when I met my first husband. Run and don't stop).

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