Growing up in the 90s was pretty epic. We could play outdoors until it got dark, sing song lyrics from the back of the tape cassette insert, struggle to keep out tamagotchis alive and we had the Spice Girls. I loved the Spice Girls!

My sister and I would spend so much time listening to them and singing along to their songs. I was, and still am, a huge Sporty Spice fan. My sister was a Baby Spice fan.

My favourite Spice Girls song is Wannabe and when my sister and I went to their 2019 Spice World tour last month, we sang along as loud as we could to their songs! You can read all about our time at the concert in my blog post here.

Being such a big Spice Girls fan means that I like to know what they’re doing so when I heard that Walkers have reunited with the Spice Girls to crown their ‘Best Fan Ever’ I was intrigued!

Yes, that’s right! The UK’s favourite crisp brand, Walkers, has teamed up with iconic girl group, Spice Girls, for a nostalgic throw back to the 90s in its new TV advert that looks to find Walkers Spice Girls Best Fan Ever, during the girls UK Tour.

The new TV advert premiered last night on ITV during the “Britain’s Got Talent’ ad break. It opens with a presenter reporting outside what appears to be a regular semi-detached house, announcing that the ‘number 1 Spice Girls Fan has won a VIP tour ticket’. As the girls appear on screen rushing towards the house, what was initially thought of as a regular home, turns out to be a shrine to Spice Girls, with memorabilia scattered across the walls and the super fan eagerly awaiting their arrival, Walkers crisps in hand. 

As we get a glimpse of inside the house, Baby Spice turns to the super fan looking for a Walkers crisp, but the fan swerves her advances. Viewers including Googlebox’s Malone family and Walkers aficionado Gary Lineker, watch on as the action unfolds. Determined not to give up his mouth-watering crisps, the final scene sees the girls’ car screech away from Dev, with the VIP ticket back in their hands. Luckily for Walkers fans, this means the title of “best ever fan” could still theirs. 

Out of the many hilarious and over the top submissions that were entered into Walkers’ Best Ever Fan Challenge in the week leading up to the ad premier, one lucky fan will take the title thanks to Dev’s misstep.  


Fans were asked to post a Spice Girls related snapshot from back in the day, or to create something new and share on their social channel of choice, tagging @Walkers_Crisps and hashtagging #BestEverFan. The prize? Four VIP tickets to the Spice Girls concert on Wednesday 15th June; an exclusive meet and greet with the girls, plus 5* accommodation and travel – it’s the ultimate prize for the best ever fan.     

But fret not there are other exciting prizes for those that don’t win the golden package, including 2 pairs of standard tickets to the Spice Girls concert and a range of Spice Girls merchandise.

Are you a Spice Girls fan? Check out the Walkers TV advert below.

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