Adventures with Moana! Where would you sail?

January 24, 2017

Last month, my sister and I took our children to see Moana in the cinema. Ever since they’ve been pretty obsessed with her! We watch clips of the songs on You Tube and sing along to them too!

If you haven’t seen the film yet, I would definitely recommend it! It’s funny, sad, full of adventure and braveness! My girls loved it, and so did I! If you do go make sure you listen out for Tamatoa’s song, ‘Shiny’. It’s my favourite!

We were recently sent some Moana goodies courtesy of the Disney Store, and I asked our girls where they would sail to.

M said she would go beyond the coral reef like Moana, and R said she would ‘travel along the way to a dinosaur, and she would hurt the dinosaur so that she could pull one of his teeth out and make something with it. She’d then put the tooth under her pillow so that the tooth fairy could put a coin under her pillow!’ That was a bit random!

Moana Hei Hei
We decided to go with M’s idea of travelling beyond the coral reef like Moana. Using the Moana figures that we were sent we decided to make a map of the area that Moana lives in. Her island, Motunui, would be included, along with a manta ray, which is Moana’s Gramma Tala reincarnated.

The girls also said that we’d need to include the coral reef, the island that Moana finds Maui on, the Kakamora’s boat, Tamatoa’s cave and the island, Te Fiti, where Moana and Maui find Te Ka, the fire demon.

We used the box that our Moana goodies arrived in and turned it into our map! The girls then placed each figure in the right spot on the map and began to act out their travels!

It amazed me at how much they’d remembered from the film and they really liked the idea of acting the film out and ‘being brave’ like Moana to sail beyond the coral reef. This is an activity that we will definitely be doing again!

Are you a Moana fan too? I’d love for you to create your own adventure and share it with me and the Disney Store using the hashtag, #DisneyStoreUK.

The Disney Store are currently hosting a Moana competition on their Facebook Page between the 16th and 30th January 2017.

If you’d like to learn more about the toys we were sent, you can click here.

For the purpose of this post I was sent the above toys from the Disney Store.


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