A different kind of holiday

I’ve been talking a lot about travel on the blog lately.
It probably has something to do with the fact that we’ve just come back from Devon, plus my step-daughter is in Spain right now, which means I’m avoiding her Instagram feed for a while!
All those pictures of beaches and sunshine is making me want to spend all my savings on another holiday!
We’ve been on two holidays since our twins were born.
The first was to Menorca with my three step-children, mother-in-law, husband and our twins. It was a good holiday overall, but too many people and seven days felt like a month!

Our second holiday was Devon. Just the four of us. It was enjoyable, but by day four we were ready to come home. It was raining and the kids were bored!
Hopefully, a different kind of holiday will be more successful!
I’ve been thinking about Mini Cruises. I don’t want to go on a full seven or ten day cruise, as I’ve never been on a cruise before so I really wouldn’t know what to expect!
A mini cruise for two or three nights sounds perfect with kids in tow!
The Fred Olsen website has some two and three night mini cruises available, which look great.
I’m thinking Paris. I’ve been once before with my dad when I was a teenager and I think it’s a great family friendly destination.
Although I am tempted by a pre-Christmas mini cruise just for me and my husband!
Have you ever been on a cruise or a mini cruise? Did you take the kids with you?
Would you ever go on a mini cruise?

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