A Day in the Life of a Twin Mum

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last ‘A day in the life of a twin mum’ post.
Nine months to be exact.
I really enjoy writing these posts because I love looking back and seeing how things have changed.
Our twins, R and M, are two and a half now.

They’re both chatty, funny and playing together more and more.
It’s great to see them chasing each other, tickling each other and talking to each other!
They fight and argue over toys too, but most of the time they play nicely together.
Not much has changed since my last update in terms of the girls routine.
They wake up anytime from 6am onward and have breakfast around 7am. That’s pretty much the same as what they were doing nine months ago. The only change here is that they no longer have banana porridge for breakfast.
R likes to have toast for breakfast, whereas M prefers cereal – Nesquik or Cookie Crisp. Usually something chocolately, although that doesn’t stop her from eating my cereal too!
Usually around 7.30-8am the girls will have a shower and then 9am arrives and they still have a custard pot each.
Lunch has been brought forward to 11.30am and is usually chicken nuggets and potato smiles, pizza and beans or sandwiches followed by a yoghurt and some fruit.
They’ll both sleep from around 12-1.30pm. I enjoy this time! It gives me a chance to sit down, relax and either do some work on my blog or just watch TV!
I wonder how old they’ll be when they stop napping in the day all together? It’s a nice thought that I won’t be restricted by their routines any longer, but at the same time I will miss having that quiet time to myself in the day!

Another change since my last update is that tea has been brought forward half an hour too. 3.30pm and is usually spaghetti and meatballs or risotto and chicken! They’re their favourite meals and now that they’re properly talking they can tell me what they want! They both love having a cooked dinner every Sunday though!
I love watching them chomp on broccoli and carrots! R in particular loves chicken and dipping it into the gravy!
Bedtime is slightly later now too. At 6.30pm we’ll all sit down in front of the TV and watch Cbeebies bedtime hour which consists of ‘In the Night Garden’ followed by a ‘Bedtime Story.’ The girls will drink their milk whilst watching TV and by 7.30pm they’ll both be asleep.
We still go to playgroup every Thursday and Music group every Friday. I think it’s a great opportunity for them to be in an environment with other children and to get used to that. They don’t play with the other children at the moment, but are happy to walk around them and watch them whilst playing either on their own or together.
That’s a great comfort to me – that they have each other. Especially for when they start pre-school. I’m dreading that day! I hope they’ll be ok and understand that I’m not abandoning them! That I will return to pick them up later!
During the summer holidays I tend to stay close to home and will either walk to the park or the shops with the girls most days. They really enjoy walking and not being in the pushchair, even if I do end up carrying M back most of the time! I don’t mind though!
If it’s raining I’ll either stay indoors and we’ll do something like painting or play dough or we’ll just play with their toys. If they get bored of being at home, then I’ll take them to the soft play centre for a bit.
I feel so lucky to have two beautiful, smart daughters. They’re the loves of my life – aside from my husband obviously!

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