A busy week!

Following on from my ‘Can a routine be flexible post’ I thought I would write a little update. I mentioned in that post that I would be taking the girls to the Techniquest Toddler Day. Well, we didn’t manage to go, however we did manage to fill our days with some other activities.

I work Mondays and Tuesdays so I like to take full advantage of the rest of the week and try to get out and do things and go places that I think the girls will enjoy. On Wednesday we went to soft play (post all about that here).

Thursday was baby group. We have gone to this particular baby group quite a few times, most weeks in fact but due to half term it hasn’t been on for two weeks. I didn’t really think much of this so when we arrived I was a little surprised that both girls were more clingy than usual (although they both have teeth coming so this may also have something to do with it). R in particular got a little upset on a few occasions when I went to retrieve M from creating mischief! They really enjoy baby group and playing with the toys and this week M made a friend (so to speak), a little girl probably around 18 months followed M around and when M stopped, the girl would put her arm around M and then she was pretending to feed M food. It was very cute to watch and M didn’t seem to mind!

Friday was music group and R absolutely loved it! She definitely follows her daddy for her love of music! R really enjoyed dancing and playing with the instruments. It’s great to watch them both doing something they enjoy!

On Saturday Twin Daddy and I took them both to the leisure centre soft play, which I have been wanting to take them to for some time now. Following Wednesdays soft play experience I did wonder if the girls would be interested, but they were! I think because it was a nice big area rather than a small little one this made all the difference. Both girls loved crawling around, trying to climb on everything and they absolutely loved the bouncy castle (as did I!)

On Sunday we returned to the leisure centre and took the girls for a swim. This was their second time in the pool and they really did have so much fun! Crawling around in the shallow water, splashing and kicking their legs!

It’s been a great week! What did you get up to with your little ones this week?

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