Zappie App and Wall Sticker Review

Twin Daddy and I moved into our new home back in December 2012. In our old home, we decorated the girls nursery in a lovely shade of pink and they had a pretty butterfly border on the wall, with pink curtains and a pink light. 

We moved to our new home a week before Christmas so to start with we didn’t really have much time to decorate the girls new room. 11 months down the line and that’s still the case. 

When we were asked to review some wall stickers I was eager to do so in the hope that it would bring a bit of life to the girls room.

We were sent an assortment of animal and vehicle stickers. The great thing about these stickers is that little fingers can’t peel them off, but if mummy or daddy wanted to remove them they’re really easy to remove and they don’t damamge your walls. 

These stickers also bring your walls to life with the NEW Zappie app. It’s set to amaze pre-school children by bringing to life their bedroom walls, furniture and clothing in a wonderfully magical and interactive way.

Zappie – the first of its kind uses latest augmented reality technology to launch a series of colourful animations from a set of cute products and images which can be placed anywhere from walls to t-shirts – making it irresistibly fun for both parents and kids to play and interact with.

Designed to support pre-school children as part of their development and play, Zappie is initially launching a range of cute and colourful nursery rhyme products including wall stickers, heat transfers and greeting cards – products which will not only allow parents to transform children’s nursery’s/playrooms but also make them into fun and interactive learning areas also.

Simply by holding a smart enabled device over a Zappie enabled image – for example a cute pink teapot, children can themselves see the teapot come to life on screen and launch into a fun ‘I’m a little teapot’ song and dance routine, encouraging active movement and play.

Zappie on launch will feature eight popular nursery rhymes, sung and composed in traditional English accents and melodies and created using real instruments and original artwork. Rhymes include:

1)      Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
2)      I’m a little teapot
3)      Five little ducks went swimming one day
4)      Wheels on the bus go round and round
5)      Row, row, row your boat
6)      Old MacDonald had a farm
7)      Once I caught a fish alive
8)      Twinkle twinkle little star

With a little help from our girls, we stuck the stickers on the wall. This review is a bit belated, so we have already had the stickers up for a few months and our girls still enjoy looking at them and pointing at them for mummy and daddy to name the animals or count the cars!

Zapping with Zappie is as easy as saying A, B, C

1.                  Download the app
Download the free “Zappie” Nursery Rhymes app through the Google Play or ITunes stores

2.                  Scan your Zappie product (wall stickers, greeting cards, stickers etc.)
Select the nursery rhyme which matches your Zappie product, then ‘zap’ the image – scanning it with your device until the animation loads

3.                  Play the Video
Watch the nursery rhyme video as it comes to life from the image! Sing, dance and share it with friends.

All Zappie products can be purchased on-line at

The Zappie Rhymes app is now available for free download onto Android and Apple smartphone/tablet devices through Google Play and iTunes stores.

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