The best things to do in Venice with kids

Canal Grande from Rialto Bridge in Venice by Wolfgang Moroder (CC BY-SA 3.0)

I’m sure that couples with kids will agree: keeping children busy and entertained during a holiday can be very tricky. We cannot expect them to like modern art or to enjoy a nice dinner in a very sophisticated restaurant. They want to get involved, be active, explore and have fun. Today, I am here to help you: read through to find out the best things to do in Venice with your kids and don’t worry about your budget. It is indeed true, that accommodation costs are pretty high there, but it is still possible to find cheap hotels in Venice online if you plan your holidays well and book your stay in advance. This way, you will be able to arrive carefree and fully enjoy your holidays from the very first moment. So, are you ready for a great exploring adventure? Here are a few funny and entertaining things to do in Venice.

A ride on a gondola

Venice is a wonderful city built up on water and kids will definitely be fascinated by this peculiarity. So 
why don’t you bring them on a ride on a gondola? Make a tour of the city through its wonderful and picturesque canals and discover hidden places that you could not see just walking around. Choose your gondoliers carefully: try to find someone who is willing to talk with your kids about the history of Venice, show them nice and special spots and have some fun facts to keep all of you entertained.

Enjoy Carnival

If you are planning to visit Venice between February and March, don’t miss the chance to take part in 
its famous Carnival. There are a lot of different events, contests and parades to attend and be involved into because the city gets magical during this period. Its Carnival is a lot different from the others you’ve seen around the world and kids will love to wear one of those beautiful and finely decorated masks for a day.

Visit Burano

Taking a “vaporetto” – the local ferry – to travel around the city is definitely an experience you want to have with your kids while in Venice, especially if it brings you to Burano, a very special island located about an hour from Venice. Walk around the tiny streets lined by houses and buildings of different colours eating a “gelato” (ice-cream), it will feel like living in a fairytale!

Have a ghost walk around the city

Do your kids love stories and mysteries? Think about booking a tour through the hidden Venice and discover the city by night walking through its narrow alleys and canals. An expert guide will help you navigate the labyrinth of Venice, showing you hidden places, lost monuments and secret passageways, telling you stories about its past and its mysterious legends. Kids will love it and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too!

Venice is definitely a unique place to visit. No other city in the world is situated on 118 little islands with so many canals and bridges. It is known to be a romantic place for couples in love, but believe me, it’s perfect also for an unforgettable family vacation with kids of all ages and I am sure you and your family will fall in love with it.

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