Disneyland Paris Trip Report Day 1

Disneyland Castle

It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago we were in Disneyland Paris. I  booked our trip rather spur of the moment last October and remember thinking that it was ages away. Well, now I wish I was back there because the time we had there has flown by! We stayed in the Disneyland Hotel which was absolutely amazing! I knew before booking our trip, that if we were going to go to Disneyland, then we had to do it properly and stay in the Disney Hotel! It was everything I thought it would be and more! More on the… [Read More]

25 Disneyland Paris Quick Tips and Tricks

Mickey Mouse

I wrote a post back in October called ‘Tips for booking your holiday to Disneyland Paris’. It’s quite a lengthy post so I thought I’d put together a ‘quick read’ post of tips and tricks for those that haven’t got the time to read my longer post! So without further ado, here goes: 1. Join the Facebook group, ‘Disneyland for Brits’ 2. Decide your budget and whether you’ll fly, go via ferry, euro tunnel etc – it might be cheaper to book travel and accommodation separately. Sky Scanner is a good website to check for flight prices 3. Research how… [Read More]

Quiet Commutes: Activities for Kids during Long Commutes

Long car rides or travel journeys can be challenging and frustrating for kids. In fact, the travel experience can be miserable for everyone when the kids are suffering from acute boredom. To ensure that the kids are quiet and content, it’s ideal to plan activities designed just for those long commutes. With these ideas in mind, you and your kids may discover that long commutes are actually fun. Art Supplies Load up a backpack with art supplies so kids can use the commute to create and color. Try this app to find cool mandala coloring pages that kids can color… [Read More]

5 Tips For Having A Jolly Summer Holiday This Year

https://www.pexels.com/photo/child-wearing-white-crew-neck-shirt-89414/ With summer approaching, it’s often the time we all start to think about having a week away more seriously. Whether you’re planning on spending seven days in the sun or a long weekend by a lake, if you’re contemplating a break over the warmer months, you might be freaking out a bit. When you have little ones, holidaying can be that little bit harder. To help you out with planning, preparing and even packing, take a look at these top tips. 1. Shop Around Firstly, when you start to look into options, make sure you spend a bit of… [Read More]

6 Easy Ways to Keep Children Content When on Holiday

Heading off on your travels is always a barrel of laughs, but sometimes you have to take the needs of your children into account. Here are six ways to keep your children content when on holiday. Healthy snacks  Hungry tummies mean grumbly kids. Make sure you prevent them from becoming agitated by bringing along a selection of healthy snacks which keep their stomachs satisfied. While they might be craving sugary goodness ahead of vegetable and fruit options, a healthy option is your best bet for ensuring they don’t experience something of a sugar rush. Give them a say Avoid giving… [Read More]

Your 2017 Holiday Hit List!

We’re hurtling towards the summer at a rate of knots, and before we know it, school will be out, and it’ll be time to get packing and head off on holiday. If you’ve not decided where to go for your summer sojourn yet, you’re in luck! Hopefully, this hit list will give you some food for thought. The beach holiday Most families love spending time at the beach. You can chill out, spend quality time together, and most importantly, have loads of fun. When it comes to beach breaks, you have two choices. You can either head off on an… [Read More]

Traveling With A Timid Child

Image source For children, traveling should be an exciting time. It should be an opportunity to explore new horizons, see the world outside of their own and gain experiences that you can only learn through doing rather than seeing. It makes sense that, as parents, you want your children to be able to travel and enjoy the time you spend away. Of course, there are some children for whom the idea might be more difficult. Whether it be because of special needs or just a general timidity about the world around them, for some children, they need their comfort zone…. [Read More]

2017 Holiday Inspiration

A few days ago I was talking to a friend about the best places I’ve been holiday. This was mainly pre-children, but of course since having children, we’ve been to some amazing places as well. If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, I thought I’d share my travels with you. Before my husband and I had children, the majority of our holidays were short city breaks. Rome will always be one of my favourite holiday destinations. My husband and I have been to Rome twice. We love everything about it. Visiting the coloseum is always a highlight, as is eating ice… [Read More]

A morning walk at Cefn Onn Park

Cefn Onn

Cefn Onn country park is situated in North Cardiff, approximately a five minute drive away from our home. It’s a well known local park, but one that I tend to forget exists because it just seems so out of place where it is! It’s hidden away at the end of a long road and accessible via a long path that runs under a motorway bridge. This beautiful woodland park is a real hidden gem! The last time we visited Cefn Onn was when our girls were little. We brought the double pushchair with us and I always remember watching my… [Read More]