The Rules of Sleep Zone

When you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not going to function as you should. It really is that simple. It’s estimated we spend up to a third of our lives asleep, which sounds like a huge amount of wasted time. It makes more sense when you think of sleep as a gateway to being able to enjoy the rest of our lives. Sadly, it’s a rarity that sleep is a simple case of laying down, close your eyes and drifting off. We’ve all had nights where we struggle; where we spend countless hours both counting sheep and trying to force… [Read More]

The Bedtime Tag


Like most parents I love my sleep and I can’t get enough of it. No, seriously, I really don’t get enough of it! I was tagged in the bedtime tag by from Johanna from Johanna Montana. It’s pretty simple and if you’d like to take part, please feel free. You just need to answer the questions below and a link back to this post to let others know that you found out about this tag from me, would be great! So here goes! 1. Describe your usual bedtime routine. My husband and I will put our girls to bed around… [Read More]

Hacks For Helping Your Little Ones Sleep Easier

Sleeping child

Every living creature needs to sleep; that’s a fact of life. When children are first born, it takes a time to get them into a sleep schedule. It can take babies time to understand that when it’s light we stay awake and when it’s dark we go to sleep. Sleep is vital for babies as it’s when they are sleeping that their brain develops, and the same goes for children, as if they don’t get enough sleep, it impacts their mental and physical development. That’s why, it’s so important that you ensure your little ones are getting the 10 to… [Read More]

Before You Sleep: Book Review

Every night I read our twin girls a bed time story. They love listening to the story each book has, and they really enjoy looking at the pictures, asking questions and using their imaginations to talk about what they can see on the page. Books are so important to us and our girls already have a pretty impressive collection! I don’t think I can ever say no to receiving a children’s book to review! We were sent the beautiful, entrancing children’s picture book, ‘Before You Sleep’, to review and we just love it! Written by Benji Bennett, ‘Before You Sleep’… [Read More]

Afraid of the Dark

Our twin girls are soon to be four years old. They’ve always been pretty good sleepers. When they were babies they slept through the night from birth up until six months old. I remember waking up before them to get their bottles ready for the night feed and then dream feeding them both. It’d take about an hour, but they’d go back to sleep as soon as I put them back in their cots.  When they started teething around six months old their sleep was pretty disturbed. We went through a bit of a rough patch, but that’s understandable when… [Read More]

Interior design tips to help your children get a good night’s sleep

Your child’s bedroom is primarily a space in which they should be able to get a good night’s sleep. For many children (and their parents), however, it’s also a highly personal space where young minds seek to investigate, experiment and explore broader horizons. Designing a bedroom for your children that prioritizes the value of a great sleeping experience offers some interesting challenges when it comes to creating a private living space where they will also enjoy playing and learning.   Décor for kids   While adult bedrooms generally work best when decorated in soft, muted colors that are conducive to… [Read More]

Sleep Update at Three Years Old

When our twins were born back in 2012 they slept like little angels for the first six months.  As soon as their first tooth started to come through sleep went out of the window. They went from sleeping in their own cots every night, all night to waking up frequently every night, all night.  We tried many different things to try to help them to sleep. Crying it out didn’t work because I couldn’t go through with it for longer than a minute or two, but at the same time holding them, cuddling them, rocking them didn’t help either because… [Read More]

Gro-Clock Review

Getting children to wake at a ‘reasonable’ time in the mornings is probably one of the biggest problems that every parent faces. I remember that for the first six months of our girls lives they slept all night without waking. I’d actually have to wake them to give them their bottle! I thought it was brilliant and for some reason I thought it would last forever! Sadly it didn’t and as soon as their first tooth starting pushing through, sleep went out the window. At almost three years old our sleeping arrangements aren’t the best, but they work for us! R in fairness does sleep in… [Read More]

How to Eat Your way to a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is when your body repairs itself. From your muscles to your brain, you need those hours of unconsciousness to reset, reboot and recover from everything you’ve done each day. So why then is it sometimes so hard for your body to let you fall asleep? It seems strange that your body should fight you when it comes to something so important. But consider this: the decision making part of your brain is still fairly primitive and doesn’t naturally make the connection between what you put into your body and the effect it will have on it (e.g. drugs, pen… [Read More]

A Day in the Life of a Twin Mum

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last ‘A day in the life of a twin mum’ post. Nine months to be exact. I really enjoy writing these posts because I love looking back and seeing how things have changed. Our twins, R and M, are two and a half now. They’re both chatty, funny and playing together more and more. It’s great to see them chasing each other, tickling each other and talking to each other! They fight and argue over toys too, but most of the time they play nicely together. Not much has changed since… [Read More]