What kind of parent are you?

Children helping to make food

There are three types of parents in my opinion. Those who want to control their children. Those who want to be equal with their children. Those who want to be best buddies with their children. I strive to be a parent who is equal to their children. By this I mean, giving my children the power to make their own decisions. To treat them as an individual, not as someone who is lesser than me, or someone who is ‘under my control’. Parents who want to control their children will quite often be heard telling their children what they can… [Read More]

Covering the Costs of Raising Kids

Broken Money Box

Image Source Children aren’t cheap. The average cost of raising a child to adulthood is reckoned to be more than £230,000! How can anyone afford that? Fortunately, you can bring down these costs by being creative and resourceful. The children don’t have to miss out on opportunities either – simply by shopping around you can take advantage of deals and promotions and grants that make the whole process very affordable. Here are few methods every new mum should try. Know your rights There are all kinds of government schemes available to new mothers. Most companies have to pay out statutory… [Read More]

Are Your Finances In Order? Top Tips For Parents

Most of us like to have a handle on our finances, but when you have kids, taking control of your money is even more important. As a parent, you want to be able to provide for your children now, but it’s also important to look to the future. If your finances aren’t quite as straightforward as you’d like, here are some tips to help you organized. Image Source Working out a suitable budget When you have a family, a budget can be really useful. Keeping an eye on what’s going in, and what’s coming out prevents overspending. It may also… [Read More]

Parent & Carer First Aid Class Review with Daisy First Aid

One Sunday afternoon whilst sitting in my front room surrounded by the noise of our girls playing, I came across a video on Facebook that had been shared by Daisy First Aid. The video showed a mum saving her daughter’s life with abdominal thrusts as the child was choking. Touch wood, our girls have never been in this situation, but I started thinking about how I would react in that same situation. The mum in the video had attended a first aid course. She remained calm and focused on what she needed to do in order to save her child’s… [Read More]

Where would we be without grandparents?

Grandparents are an important part of every family. The role they play in the lives of our children is just as important as the role they played in our very own childhoods. Quite often the benefit of having ‘hands-on’ grandparents is over looked, but if we were to ask ourselves the question, ‘Where would be without our grandparents?’ I bet we’d all be worse off than where we with them. When I was growing up my sister and I would see our grandparents at various intervals throughout the year. My mums parents would come to visit us on a regular basis…. [Read More]

What’s the rush? Parents slow down!

This is something that I’ve been guilty of, as I imagine have a lot of other parents. You’re not alone and I’m by no means having a go. I’m hardly in the position to do so as I’m often the one rushing around! What am I talking about?   The way in which our children learn and explore their environment, and the world around them. I was driving home from work a few days ago and whilst sat at the traffic lights I noticed a lady with a small child. Although she was pushing a trike, it appeared that her… [Read More]

Before you were born we used to….

Before you were born we used to…   Be silly and throw cold cups of water over one another when in the shower   Watch TV whilst snuggled up together on the sofa    Fall asleep together on the sofa   Go to the cinema (a lot!)   I remember one time we had a snow ball fight   Go on city breaks! Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Valencia and more!   It’s funny how things change after our children are born. Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we once were. Our lives and every waking thought is filled with our children…. [Read More]

The trouble with twins 

Twins cuddling

Having twins is pretty cool. As a mum it’s actually quite reassuring. I mean knowing that they have an instant best friend for life is something quite unique. When they first started nursery they had one another. They didn’t not know anyone as they had each other. They’ve recently started school and they’re in the same class which offers me great piece of mind. I have a pretty good understanding of the twin bond myself. You see I’m also a twin. My sister and I are pretty close. Even though we don’t live close to one another, we talk on… [Read More]

Christmas Gifts for Parents

Finding gifts for parents can be hard at times so that’s why I’ve put together some ideas for you which will hopefully help make the job a little easier! A mini personalised wine bottle from Just Miniatures. I just love these! They’re super cute, you can pop them in a stocking, maybe even in a homemade cracker! Mum or dad would be sure to love these! A spa day for mum and dad. It’s easy to forget that mums and dads need to be pampered once in a while too so a spa day is a great gift to give. If… [Read More]

Daily stresses every parent of toddlers face

Every parent says that being a parent is the hardest, yet most rewarding job you can ever do. I totally agree with this! Every day parents across the world experience daily battles and stressful situations with their children, regardless of how old they are. My twins are three years old and here are a few of the daily stresses and battles we go through: Having breakfast From the moment they wake up (which is far too early for my liking!), they’re ready to play. Getting them to the breakfast table can take anything from a few minutes on a good… [Read More]