Princess Positives: How to Make More of a Princess Obsession

It’s hard to escape the world of princesses when you have a little girl. They’re everywhere, and once she’s obsessed, there’s no much you can do to turn her away. You might not want to, either, but perhaps you would like to show your daughter a world beyond pink princesses. Here’s how you could make her obsession a bit more positive. Encourage a Love of Reading One of the things a love of princesses can do is encourage your daughter to read. While girls tend to be bigger readers than boys, some can still be reluctant to read. Instead of… [Read More]

The Bank of Mum and Dad

The average cost of raising one child in the UK is around £230,000. That’s a pretty eye watering figure. Now double it because we have twins, and add another three as my husband also has three children from a previous marriage. That’s a lot of money we need to earn! Raising children is undoubtedly expensive. From babies up to adulthood, the costs you have to figure into the equation range from nappies to school uniforms, educational resources, trips and of course ‘fun money’ for your kids to have a social life, as well as the latest clothes and ‘must have’… [Read More]

Is it ever acceptable to leave a child home alone?

A good few years ago I remember reading a post about a mother who got a criminal record for leaving her six year old child at home alone for 45 minutes. The varying opinions from parents about whether or not it’s acceptable to leave children home alone got me thinking about how I felt about it. The first lady in the article openly admits that she leaves her children home alone. The first time she did so, her daughter was just three months old and she left her asleep in the pram in the garden whilst she popped out to… [Read More]

Mummy, when can I have a phone?

Being a parent often means that we can expect to hear a range of different questions coming from the mouths of our offspring. Examples I’ve received are: Mummy, why do you wear a bra? Mummy, did we both grow in your tummy at the same time? How did the doctors get us out of your tummy? These questions are fairly easy to answer, but when M asked me when she could have a phone, it was a question that caused a fair few tantrums. You see our twin girls are 5 years old. When I was 5, the last thing… [Read More]

Do you make your children clear their plate?

Children helping to make food

There is something that I’ve never really understood. Parents who make their children eat everything that is on their plates. I just don’t get it. When I a kid, my parents did this to me. I had to everything on my plate. If I didn’t it was brought back up for breakfast the next day. In fact, one time, I remember being made to sit in the garden until I’d finished every last scrap on my plate. I used to quite like this one though because it meant I could throw what I didn’t want to eat into the hedge… [Read More]

Creative Ways of Announcing a Multiple Pregnancy

When you’ve had to go through IVF, there aren’t many couples who would say no to a twin pregnancy – especially if they have no other children. Even though there are lots of risks when it comes to multiple pregnancies, most would-be parents would happily take them on. If you’ve been lucky enough to conceive twins, you may be trying to think of creative ways to tell people. In fact, many people are switching baby showers for gender reveal parties these days. Here’s some ideas for how to give the ultimate surprise to family and friends. Flickr A Photoshoot Sometimes,… [Read More]

Crafts for rainy day fun

Summer may be around the corner, but that’s no guarantee of sunshine. It’s easy to insist that your kids won’t be parked in front of the TV or devices during the holidays because you’ll send them to play outside, but what if it rains? You’ll have no reason to limit their TV time then, as far as they’re concerned. Not to worry. Here are a few activities you can keep hidden up your sleeve to take their minds away from the electronic babysitters. Even an hour away from their devices is a victory. Image Source Laser maze Got any budding… [Read More]

Baby-Proofing Your Home: Household Dangers That Could Harm Your Child, And What To Do About Them

Flickr Moving into a new place can be stressful, especially when you have a newly-arrived little one’s needs to consider. Crafting a new life in a new area might have been precipitated by the baby’s arrival. It’s up to you to ensure that every need of your new family is taken into account. No matter who you are, or how healthy your family lifestyle, there will always be an area of improvement in any home you live in to improve the safety, health and long-term stability of your family unit. Going over this family-friendly checklist for your new home will… [Read More]

Children can’t walk to school alone any more. What world do we live in?

I find it such a sad state of affairs that the world we live in appears to be restricting our children more than ever before. Last week I read an article online about our local area which stated that a ‘suspicious man in a car’ had been seen driving around two local schools. The police suspected a possible ‘child snatching plan’ and all schools in the area urged parents to make arrangements for their children to be picked up from school, instead of allowing them to walk home alone. Of course, my girls are only five, so they’re nowhere near… [Read More]

The childhood of our past

How old are your children? What do they do in their spare time? Our girls are five years old and I’m pleased to say the majority of their time is spent playing games and being creative. I’ve often read that modern parents are too focused on keeping their children busy and worrying about them getting bored, so much so that we don’t allow time to get bored. Of course boredom can be a great thing as it means children can invent new games and come up with their own ways of entertaining themselves. All of this being great for their… [Read More]