Is Your Child Ill? Don’t Panic!

Image Source All parents know the terrifying moment when your child appears to have fallen ill. This can be surprisingly distressing, and sometimes it can even be difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do. In some cases, the worry even clouds the decision making, and sometimes this can lead to a poorer decision being made than you would normally go for. If you are in this situation at the moment, then you are probably wondering what you can do. The truth is, it is relatively straightforward. Let’s take a look at your ultimate steps. Relax No matter… [Read More]

’10 Things Girls Need Most’ Book Review

As a mum of girls I try to do everything in my power to ensure that I steer them in the right direction in life. They’re only five years old, but already they’re confident, clever and knowledgable. By empowering them to make their own decisions, regardless of how small they may be, we can give our girls the confidence to achieve anything they want. I was recently sent a book called, ’10 Things Girls Need Most to grow up strong and free’ by Steve Biddulph. The main idea behind the book is to combat the ever increasing number of girls… [Read More]

What kind of parent are you?

Children helping to make food

There are three types of parents in my opinion. Those who want to control their children. Those who want to be equal with their children. Those who want to be best buddies with their children. I strive to be a parent who is equal to their children. By this I mean, giving my children the power to make their own decisions. To treat them as an individual, not as someone who is lesser than me, or someone who is ‘under my control’. Parents who want to control their children will quite often be heard telling their children what they can… [Read More]

Controlling your children’s relationships

I recently read an article about Gordon Ramsey who was talking about how he wouldn’t be leaving all of his fortune to his children because he wanted them to earn their own money, which by the way, I admire. In the article it mentioned how Gordon is good friends with David Beckham, but that he’s told his children they’re not to date any of the Beckham’s kids. This made me think back to my own adolescence and how my parents controlled my relationships. It wasn’t necessarily friendships that were controlled, but relationships with boys. Now, I totally understand the need… [Read More]

The Importance Of Your Children’s Financial Future

When parents think of their children’s future, they often think of what they hope for them to achieve, how they want them to be as happy as possible and successful in their ventures. But something else which is also important is that they are financially secure. The state of being financially secure is not always necessarily an easy one to get to, but this is why it is important that parents do everything they can to ensure their children are as secure as possible. This doesn’t just mean leaving them with plenty of money – although that might come into… [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Toddler Groups

Kids playing in woods

Shortly after bringing our girls home from hospital after their extended stay due to being born early, I started to look into local baby and toddler groups. There seemed to be quite a few of them around, but it would be another 7 months before I managed to pluck up the courage to actually go to one. I was nervous about being on my own with our twins in a room surrounded by other mums and their children. I thought up all sorts of things to worry about. What if no-one talks to me? What if no-one likes me? What… [Read More]

Are Your Toddler Bathtimes Stressful? Here’s Where You’re Going Wrong!

When you have a toddler, bathtime should be a fun time for both them and you. Unfortunately, reality is often different to the dream! If you’re a new parent, you will soon learn that your kids can become grumpy or angry at a moment’s notice, sometimes for no obvious reason! For some parents, the concept of getting their children into the bathroom can be a challenge in itself, let alone giving them a bath! If your toddler bath times are stressful, the chances are high that there’s probably something you’re doing wrong. Usually, it’s down to something you may have… [Read More]

Reunited over Pasta! The Trouble with Twins!

Children helping to make food

What happened to my gentle, happy, kind hearted girls? One day they were four years old. They were nice to one another, had the occasional tantrum and more often than not they would listen to their mummy and daddy without us having to raise our voices. Then, all of a sudden they turned five years old and it’s like something within them has changed. Every day they argue, fight, cry and tell tales on one another. R is definitely more dominant and hates it when she’s proven wrong. She hates it when M tells on her for doing something wrong,… [Read More]

A Mum’s Guide To Cutting Costs When Times Are Tight

When you have a family, life becomes a lot more expensive. Whether you’ve got two children or eight, it can often be a struggle to make ends meet each month. If you’re currently finding it hard to make your money stretch as far as you would like it to, don’t despair because it is possible to make your money go that little bit further, it’s just a case of being smarter with your spending, that’s all. The fact is that parenting really is a costly business – little ones don’t come cheap, that’s for sure. A lot of families struggle… [Read More]

How To Switch Off When Tech Takes Over: A Guide For Parents

Parenting in this day and age is very different to how it used to be. Technology is everywhere we look, and it can be tough to raise kids to appreciate the benefits of newfangled gadgets without becoming reliant on them. As parents, we often moan that kids spend too much time in front of the TV or on their phones, but there are amazing benefits to enjoy. It’s about finding a balance and taking control. If you’re a parent, and you’re worried about your kids growing up in the age of online learning, social media, and Snapchatting, here are some… [Read More]