Personalised Gift Review from Personally Presented

I absolutely adore personalised gifts. There’s something very meaningful to a gift that’s been personalised. It shows that a lot of thought has gone in it and that means a lot to me. Personally Presented is an online website that sells a range of personalised gifts. Personally Presented say that they believe in gifts worth giving. A gift that is unique and individual as they are. I recently ordered some personalised gifts from Personally Presented and thought I’d share them here with you. First up is this gorgeous travel mug which costs just £16.95. My new job involves me driving to… [Read More]

Kensington Brights Tea For One Review

I love a good cup of tea, especially after a hard day’s work or when the little ones are tucked up in bed. I can sit back, relax and watch a film or some soaps on the TV and drink my tea in peace. Thing is the little ones have noticed me quietly, secretively sipping away from a mug whilst stood in the corner of the kitchen and now they like tea too! Only in small quantities though! Even though they follow their mummy and come to think of it their daddy for our love of tea there is one… [Read More]