Subliminal messages to help kids tidy up?

Come on now! Everybody sing to the tune of ‘I wish I was a punk rocker’ by Sandi Thom… Oh I wish I was a funky fairy with powers in my glare In 2017 revolution was in the air You were born to me, but now I know my powers are not there! Oh I give up! It’s hard for me to say this, but I totally understand how my parents felt when I was a kid. If I was a fairy, my magical power would be to stare at my kids with a ‘glare’ so menacing they’d know instantly… [Read More]

The Easy way to give your kids bedroom a quick makeover!

Wall stickers

Creating a bedroom that is truly unique to your child can take a lot of thought, time and effort. As your child grows, their likes and dislikes change, which can often mean the theme your child once had for their bedroom is no longer fitting with both their age and their likes. When I was growing up I asked my parents if they could paint my bedroom green and if they could paint a cactus on the wall. In fairness to them, they took my random request and carried it out for me. I had lovely lime green walls and… [Read More]

Cool Knits for Cool Kids

Being a mum to twin girls who have the complete opposite taste in clothes is pretty interesting. Some may say that it’d be hard to find them both clothes that they love, but that’s not the case at all. I’ve said this numerous times on my blog, but M is really into her girly clothes. When we’re out shopping for her we’re looking for clothes that are pastel colours such as pink, white, lavender, soft greys and purples etc. If it’s fluffy and has a picture of an animal or ballerina on then even better! M loves to wear dresses… [Read More]

Ten Fashionable & Practical Swimwear Pieces for Girls

SUN UVA Wishlist

Although summer is quite a while away, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about your family summer holiday. We’ve already booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris and we’re currently looking at destinations for a beach holiday during the summer too. If you have any suggestions please let me know! Now, if you’re anything like me when you think of planning a holiday that usually means shopping for holiday clothes! The thing is I’ve done so much ‘shopping for holiday clothes’ in my lifetime, that I have a wardrobe full of holiday clothes! My children, however, are constantly… [Read More]

How much should I buy the kids for Christmas?


This post was inspired by an email conversation I had with my sister a few weeks ago. We were talking about Christmas and what we were buying our kids etc., when my sister asked how much I was buying our twins for Christmas. Up until that point I hadn’t really thought about it. I replied saying that I think kids would be happy with a handful of presents, but that I thought it was the parents who ultimately feel the need to buy their kids everything on their letter to Santa. This got me thinking. As I said above I… [Read More]

Ten Must Have Bags for your Kids!

Must have kids bags

With Christmas around the corner, parents across the globe are starting to think about what to buy their kids. I started my Christmas shopping at the beginning of the month and picked up some fab stocking fillers yesterday. I like to buy our twins a variety of presents including toys, but also books, clothes, games and puzzles etc. I always buy them some new pyjamas, it’s sort of a Christmas tradition, along with a new decoration for the tree! It dawned on me a little while ago though, that now our twins have started school, they’ve started to show more… [Read More]

Keeping kids safe when abroad

Taking your children anyway can often be a pretty daunting task. Depending on their age, their routine and in particular their mood on the day, your trip is going to go one of two ways. Either really well or really stressful! Being prepared and organised can help, as can having a plan. Knowing what you’re going to do, where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what time you’ll get there by can all help in making your day run as smoothly as possible.  It may just be a trip to the shops, or perhaps somewhere further afield. A farm,… [Read More]

Sassy Kids Box Review

Back in May of this year, I reviewed our first Sassy Kids Box. Whilst I was shouting from the rooftops about how good it was, mainly because I felt there was just something lacking from it, I have to say that they’ve more than made up for it with the second box we received! Sassy Kids Boxes are aimed at children aged three to eight years old. Sassy Kids Box is a subscription service. Your first box will be half price (£1.99) with a £0.99 delivery charge and other boxes will cost £3.99 each plus delivery. Sassy Kids Box is… [Read More]

Summer Holiday Checklist – Kids Edition

It’s almost summer and that means a lot of us Brits will be packing up ready for our summer holidays. Whether it be in the UK or abroad, travelling with kids can be stressful, so let me take some of the stress away by providing you with a summer holiday checklist for kids! Passport/EHIC cardTravel gamesBook(s)Ipad/Electronic games console – make sure it’s fully charged and bring the charger too! NappiesNappy rash creamWet wipes Medicine – Calpol etcFirst aid kid – make sure it’s well stocked!Teething gels and aids Plenty of dummies – why do they always going missing when on… [Read More]

Historic Places of Interest in and around Cardiff that are Great for Kids!

St Fagans National History Museum St Fagans National History Museum, also known as the Welsh Folk Museum, is located in the village of St Fagans. It’s an open air museum that chronicles the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people (Wikipedia). Best of all St Fagans is free! They’re open daily from 10am-5pm. The site is currently undergoing redevelopment, but the open-air museum and historic buildings remain open (apart from Garreg Fawr, Llwyn-yr-eos). For more information about the redevelopment click here. The main points of focus are to create a striking entrance to welcome visitors. They also plan… [Read More]