Gym and Fitness Injuries: Are You Doing It Wrong?

Earlier this month I shared with my readers that during my half marathon training I became injured. This was a major set back to me in terms of training. As it’s my first half marathon, I need all the training I can get, so being injured was not good. Thankfully with rest and lots of frozen peas, I’m pretty much back to normal! I did however have to take two weeks out of my training schedule and reduce the distance I was running. The half marathon is just nine days away. I once felt confident about finishing, however I’m now… [Read More]

How Your Home is Affecting Your Health

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of impact, if any, your home is having on your health? Most of us don’t. But it’s clear that many things that surround us when we’re at home could damage our health if we’re not careful. I’m not just talking about the obvious things like faulty wires or that slippery bathroom floor. Here are some of the things we pay less attention to but could still have an impact on your health. Air Quality in Your Home The quality of the air in your home could have a big impact on… [Read More]

Your 30s & 40s: The Most Important Years For Health?

When you are young, your body can handle pretty much anything nature – or you – can throw at it. But once you turn 30 and move into your 40s, it’s a vital time for your long-term health. No more all-night parties for you! But seriously, a lot of conditions can start showing up when you reach this age, and as your body starts to change, slow down, and start revealing more of your genetic history, it’s vital that you sit up and take notice. With this in mind, here are a few ideas for you to keep in shape… [Read More]

Weight loss Update with SlimFast, Running and Tantrums

It’s been a little while since I wrote my last SlimFast update so I thought it was about time I updated you all. I haven’t been keeping track of my weight week on week like I did when I first started SlimFast as there’s no longer any need for me to do that. You see I now know what I can and can’t eat, as well as portion sizes and what nutritional food my body needs. I’ve lost a total of two stone and have managed to maintain my weight loss. I think when the girls are back in school, I’ll… [Read More]

4 Ways that a chiropractor can help you

If you are wondering why most of your friends prefer professional chiropractors over an ordinary massage therapist, then this article will be able to shed light on your confusion. Yes, both massage therapists and chiropractors utilise their hands in their work, only, chiropractors provide treatment for causes of stress, migraines and overall bodily weaknesses, while a massage therapist will only provide momentary relief from muscle tension and stress that will most likely recur after a few days. If you are suffering from a lot of stress, muscle tension and weakness in your body, then visiting a professional chiropractor might be… [Read More]

The Importance of Stem Cell Collection: The Facts

The first time I heard about stem cells was on a TV soap opera. It fascinated me and I wanted to find out more. I wanted to know why and how they’re collected at birth, but also what they can be used for in terms of treatment of disease and research. Looking online for this information, I came across this handy infographic by Smart Cells and I thought I’d share it with you. If you’re not sure what stem cells are, they’re basically biological cells that are found in the body. According to the infographic below, stem cells have the potential to… [Read More]

Three Classic Mistakes New Runners Make

Credit Running is a wonderful form of exercise. It’s a sure-fire way to increase your stamina, make you feel better, and strengthen the muscles in your lower legs. While you can run on a treadmill, you’ll doubtlessly get more from running if you use it as a way to get out into the world. Many people decide to take up running for fitness and weight loss goals. That’s a good idea, but it does mean you’re not necessarily thinking about running in the best terms. Instead, you’re focusing on an opaque goal of “being fit” or “losing weight”, rather than… [Read More]

What is High Blood Pressure?

It is estimated that nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), but many of them won’t even realize it. So what is high blood pressure? Medically speaking, a patient can be diagnosed as having hypertension if their blood pressure reads 140 over 90 or higher over a period of time. Even if just one of those numbers is too high, they could also be diagnosed with hypertension. What are the symptoms? One of the dangerous aspects of hypertension is that there aren’t any symptoms. The only way for a patient to know for… [Read More]

Want to start running? Here are my top tips!

I quite often hear women who run say that they don't feel like they're 'proper runners'. This is something that I used to say myself, along with, 'I don't look like a runner.' What exactly should a runner look like anyway? I mean someone who runs is a runner regardless of their physique, the clothes they wear or how they run. Whether you run twice a week or less and cover a short distance that consists of walking and running, or whether you run three or more times a week and cover a longer distance, either way, you're a runner…. [Read More]

Drag Yourself Out of a Plateau By Avoiding These Pitfalls!

When you’re putting your all into your health and fitness, it can be disheartening when you stall or ‘plateau’ and are unable to reach the next level. You might be going to the gym every day and working hard, and feeling like you’re doing everything right. However, there are a few common mistakes you might be making that are holding you back. Make sure you avoid these pitfalls! Image link Pitfall 1- Not Eating Right Eating right is the single best thing you can do to boost your workouts. If your goal is weight loss then exercise alone is unlikely… [Read More]