Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time for families to get together and celebrate, spend time with one another, eat, drink and be merry! Of course before all of that we need to do some Christmas shopping! Shopping in general is one of my favourite past times, but there’s something magical about Christmas shopping. Whether you’re making a trip into your local town centre or simply doing some sofa surfing for bargains, my Christmas Gift Guide is full of lots of ideas to inspire you. We have gifts for him and her, as well as gift for… [Read More]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is almost here so it’s time to start looking at what gifts we can give to all the dad’s in our lives. Personally I really like to give personalised gifts and quite often the most simple gestures can make the best gifts. I know my husband doesn’t expect much, if anything, from our twin girls for Father’s Day, but we like to make the effort and it’s most definitely appreciated. After all, my husband does so much for our girls and I so I think he really deserves to be spoilt. Now, Nigel, that’s my husband by the way,… [Read More]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day

Sunday, 26th March 2017 is Mother’s Day. Phew. I thought I’d get that in there first just in case anyone’s forgotten or didn’t know the date! I thought I’d share with you some gifts in the hopes that it might give you some inspiration that moves away from chocolates and booze! First up we have this super cute and quirky ‘Queen of Awesomeness’ mug and coaster available from Red Candy for just £9.00 and £2.95. I really like this range of products and I actually bought my sister some for our birthday earlier this year. These brightly coloured gifts not only… [Read More]

The 3 Kinds of Presents You Should Never Give

When you give someone a gift, it is meant to make them happy, right? Or at least, you just don’t want them to be unhappy or sad about it. One thing that I think is important to remember when giving gifts is that it can be a powerful form of communication. So it could be time to sit back and think about the message that the gifts you give out are giving? Are they saying thoughtful and helpful or more of just last minute and impersonal? With that in mind, here are some of the worst kinds of gift that… [Read More]

Valentines Day Gift Guide Plus Win a Mini Dash Camera!

It’s February! The month of love and that means it’s time for my Valentine’s Day gift guide. Whether you’re buying for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, I hope you find something you like! First up we have a gift for women. This beautiful Ladies Krug Baumen watch (£195) sports a tan leather strap with a metal case that compliments the cream dial. It’s stylish and and features three dials, along with a window that displays the day of the month. The watch comes in a black presentation box and also has a two year guarantee. This next gift is one… [Read More]

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

This year’s Christmas Gift Guide is packed full of toys, books and more! It doesn’t contain any Hatchimals, so those of you who are frantically trying to get hold of one can switch off for a few moments and have a nose through my top picks for 2016! For Kids An Elf for Christmas £24.99 Seeing as this is a Christmas Gift Guide I felt that the perfect way to start it off would to be introduce you to two little elves! This year we’ll see the arrival of two very special ‘people’ spending some time with us during the… [Read More]

Lost My Name Personalised Book Review

If you’re looking for a magical keepsake to gift your little one this Christmas, then I have the perfect suggestion for you! The little girl who lost her name is a personalised book based around the letters of your child’s name. So, if your child was called Noah, he could meet a Narwhal, Okapi, Angel and Hedgehog, for example.  The beauty of these books is that each child’s name creates a unique tale. Great for those with twins, like us, or more than one child, as each story differs!  From the outside you could be mistaken for thinking that these… [Read More]

Declutter and Donate to Oxfam Today!

Like many households we seem to accumulate items over long periods of time. All too often these items aren’t used and simply sit on a shelf or in a cupboard or drawer collecting dust. We’re all guilty of doing this I’m sure, but it’s time to action and declutter! It’s the same for the clothes in my wardrobe. When they no longer fit, lose their shape or go a bit bobbly they just hang in my wardrobe never to be worn again. Until now! It’s such a shame when you think about it. I wonder how many unused items of… [Read More]

Snapfish Valentine’s Day Gift Review

Snapfish is one of my favourite online digital photo printing services. I worked with them back in May 2015 to review one of their canvases for Father’s Day and I’m pleased to be able to work with them again.  Aside from working with Snapfish via my blog I also use them a lot to order prints. I have numerous photo albums of our family adventures and their mobile app is so easy to use. Moving on and with Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner I was invited to create some personalised photo gifts using Snapfish.  They have a great range… [Read More]

Christmas Gifts for Parents

Finding gifts for parents can be hard at times so that’s why I’ve put together some ideas for you which will hopefully help make the job a little easier! A mini personalised wine bottle from Just Miniatures. I just love these! They’re super cute, you can pop them in a stocking, maybe even in a homemade cracker! Mum or dad would be sure to love these! A spa day for mum and dad. It’s easy to forget that mums and dads need to be pampered once in a while too so a spa day is a great gift to give. If… [Read More]