Magical Gardens For Kids That Don’t Cost The Earth

The thing about gardening is that no matter how good you are at it, or how much time you devote to it, it can be a pretty expensive endeavour. The price of plants, tools, soil and decorations can all add up. Especially if you have a specific vision of what you want to create for your little ones in mind. But there are some ways to ensure that you get the most fun out for your garden without breaking the bank. Read on to find out more. Getting the basics right The first thing that you need to get sorted… [Read More]

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch: Making Bird Feeders

RSPB Bird Feeders

This year we’re taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch which takes place 28th-30th January. The Big Garden Birdwatch helps the RSPB to build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK. If you want to take part simply click the link above and register for your FREE pack, full of fascinating facts, tips and advice. You can either chose to download your pack online of request for it to be posted to you. We downloaded our pack and it is fab! You can find out about how to attract birds to your garden and there is a handy 12 month… [Read More]

Spooky Spider Crafts at Pughs Garden Centre

Children holding spider crafts

Pughs Garden Centre, Radyr has become one of our favourite places to visit. We’ve been a number of times now, either just for a wander around the shops, flowers and fish, or for an event such as their Santa’s Grotto or Butterfly Ball. Today saw us return to Pughs Garden Centre for their Spooky Spiders Little Green Fingers Halloween workshop. Set in the The Woodland Lodge which is at the very back of the garden centre, the girls admired the plants, flowers and pumpkins as they made their way to the lodge. When we arrived at the lodge, we were greeted by… [Read More]

Pimp My Greenhouse!

Ocean Loans recently challenged a small number of bloggers to take part in their my ‘Pimp My Shed’ project. I was lucky enough to be one of those bloggers chosen, although it’s not a shed I’ll be pimping, it’s my greenhouse. I was given £75 to spend to help me give our greenhouse an overhaul. Our greenhouse is a pretty important part of our garden. For the last few years, I’ve been learning how to grow vegetables and I’m pleased to say that our four year old twin girls have been learning with me. We’re all pretty passionate about our… [Read More]

10 Garden Activities with Chalk

Chalk is a wonderful thing. You can use it to draw on boards, floors and even paper. You can use it to practise letter writing, drawing pictures or to play games. I recently picked up a pack of outdoor chalk from ASDA for our twin girls and I was pretty amazed at just how many different games and activities we managed to do with the chalks. I thought I’d share them with you! They’re perfect for a warm summers day in the garden. Hop Scotch I know, I know, Hop Scotch in the picture is below has been drawn wrong!… [Read More]

We're in our new house! Now it's time to tidy the garden!

It’s official we’re in our new house! It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but we’re in and now the hard work starts! We have a mountain of boxes that need to be unpacked which I’m not looking forward too!  Thankfully my husband will probably do most of it, which means the garden will be left to me! I love my garden and don’t mind getting my hands dirty, but our new garden has a pretty big tree hanging over the back fence which has left a lot of leaves on the grass!  I think a leaf blower… [Read More]

A visit to Santa at Pughs Garden Centre

Last year, we took our twin girls to see Santa in our local garden centre, Pughs. We had a wonderful time and decided to book again this year. We were running late, but arrived just in time! We were greeted by an Elf who took the girls names and then showed us where to wait.  The doorway to see Santa looked pretty magical and before we knew it, in we went. The first room was set out with church-style benches in rows, one behind the other, to give the impression of a sleigh.  There was a big TV screen on… [Read More]

Garden Ornaments from Gardens2You

I love gardening and so do our twin girls. We spend a lot of time in our garden either relaxing in the sunshine with the paddling pool out, playing on the swings or slide or planting seeds and watering plants.  I’ve written previously about how we love to grow our own fruit and vegetables. Our girls loved helping me to sow the seeds and water the plants, but they loved watched them grow even more so. Being able to give your children the chance to go out into their own garden and pulling up carrots, dig up potatoes and pick… [Read More]

The vegetable patch in our garden

Growing your own food is one of the easiest, most enjoyable things you can do in your spare time. What’s ever better is getting your children involved too. For me growing our food is a wonderful way of teaching my children where the food we eat comes from. Many children, toddlers especially, have an understanding that their food comes from the supermarket, but they don’t actually know where the supermarkets get the food from.  R and M, our three year old twins, understand that some foods come from underground such as potatoes and carrots, and that some food such as… [Read More]

Family Friendly Garden Ideas

My family and I are luck that we have a lovely garden. It’s not huge, but I’s big enough for the four of us to play in, relax in and be together in. A garden can be a real addition to any home, even more so when you have young children. From hosting barbecues to sports days and picnics, a garden has many purposes. With this in mind I always think it’s important to create an outdoor space that has a little something for everyone. I like to have a place where I can relax. Somewhere calm, quiet and serene. I like… [Read More]