Game Review: Don’t be a Donkey!

Family games are my absolute favourite! I love a good game that can get the whole family involved. I’m talking kids, parents and grandparents. Don’t be a Donkey is exactly that kind of game and we’ve been playing it non-stop since it arrived on our doorstep a few weeks ago! Designed for children aged four and over, this hilariously funny game requires quick reflexes and a sense of humour! A minimum of two players is required and a maximum of four. Inside the box you’ll find: Four headbands with donkey ears Three carrots Donkey cards Donkey nose The aim of… [Read More]

Improve your memory with the Brainbox Transport Game Plus Win Your Very Own Game

Playing table top games with our girls is one of my favourite things to do. Granted, sometimes things can get a bit heated, but it’s all part of the fun and learning experience! I’d much rather sit at a table playing good, old fashioned games together, than watch them playing on tablets or glued to a TV screen. We were recently sent a new game to review from The Green Board Game Company and it’s so much fun! Brainbox Transport is a great, memory style game for children for children aged four and over. Included in the box you’ll find:  55… [Read More]

Turning A Lame Room Into A Game Room

Picture Source Whether you’re living with a family or friends, there comes a point at which you realise something is missing from your home. You love your family or the buddies with whom you’re living, but when you come in from college to an uninspired student house or a long day at work to a manic household, sometimes you just want a room to which you can retreat to relax and actually have some fun. This doesn’t have to be a lonely room. In fact, it can be a fun family-centred room if that’s what you want. The point is… [Read More]

Dobble Kids Game Review and Competition

Dobble Kids is a fast paced, fun-packed game that sees players find the one matching symbol between one card and another before their opponents. It’s kind of like snap, but it requires a bit more concentration and a quick eye! Dobble Kids is aimed at children aged four and over. Our twins are four in February and have mastered this game with ease so I’d probably say children aged three and a half years old onwards should be able to understand how to play. I like that the cards are round as oppose to your usual rectangular cards, plus the… [Read More]

Can you Guess? Game Review by Orchard Toys

Children love to play games.  Hide and Seek is a firm favourite in our house, even though the way in which our girls play it is pretty funny. The hiding place is always the same!   R and M will hide behind the curtains. I’m not allowed to start counting until they’re hidden and then when I find them I have to take one of their places whilst they count. It’s pretty funny watching them pretend to look in cupboards and under things to find us, when they really know where we are! Kids imaginations are wonderful aren’t they! Another… [Read More]

Marvel Kids Game Review

As a mum to twin girls I’m always amazed at how different our girls are. A lot of people assume that twins will have similar likes and dislikes, but that’s simply not true. As a twin myself I can also second that! M loves all things girly. Princesses, fairies and pink things! R, on the other hands loves all things ‘cool’. She’s obsessed with Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man. She loves wearing blue and dislikes ‘pretty’ things! When we were recently asked to review some online Marvel Kids Games I knew I had to do it! The first game we played… [Read More]

Butterbee Cottage Dolls House Review

When I was a child I had a dolls house. It was pink, made of wood and had lights that actually lit up! It was quite small, but I absolutely loved it!  There’s something really enchanting and magical about dolls houses. I did buy our girls one a while ago, but they were far too young for it at the time and it ended up being coloured in with felt tips and it pretty much fell apart so we binned it. Now that our girls are three and a half years old they’re more than ready for a dolls house…. [Read More]

Spin Mania Game Review

Spin Mania is a speeding, spinning, time trial challenge. The game consists of a motorised spinning machine with an electronic timer, three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, a ‘spin-spike’, and three purple stands on which to set the plates once they are spinning correctly. The challenge is to ‘spin-up’ the three plates on the spinning machine one at a time – and then, using your spin-spike, transfer them, still spinning, to the three separate stands. All three plates must still be spinning on their stands as the player rushes back to the timer, stops the clock, and marks the time taken. Then the… [Read More]