Your 30s & 40s: The Most Important Years For Health?

When you are young, your body can handle pretty much anything nature – or you – can throw at it. But once you turn 30 and move into your 40s, it’s a vital time for your long-term health. No more all-night parties for you! But seriously, a lot of conditions can start showing up when you reach this age, and as your body starts to change, slow down, and start revealing more of your genetic history, it’s vital that you sit up and take notice. With this in mind, here are a few ideas for you to keep in shape… [Read More]

There’s more to microwaves than you think #SoMuchMore

How often do you use a microwave? I think I probably use mine pretty much every day. Whether that’s to heat up some beans or frozen peas, or to heat up a quick and healthy ready meal. Yes, quick and healthy microwave ready meals really do exist! Just yesterday I had salmon with brown rice and vegetables that was all cooked in the microwave. I think that when most people think about using microwaves, they assume you’re using it to cook an unhealthy ready meal, but that’s simply not the case. Microwaves have come a long way since they were… [Read More]

Healthy Food: Teaching Children That Patience Is Rewarded

Young children can be picky eaters, and the general types of food sold at most supermarkets are loaded with preservatives. These chemicals are designed to make sure the product lasts long enough from creation in the factory, the shipping dock and then in the store for at least a week. Consequently, many normal food items we buy are stuffed full of salts and sugars. This stimulates children and fills them with energy. Junk food is commonplace in most households because it’s cheap, easily accessible and ready-to-eat. The cycle repeats itself over and over. The challenge so many parents face is… [Read More]

Do you make your children clear their plate?

Children helping to make food

There is something that I’ve never really understood. Parents who make their children eat everything that is on their plates. I just don’t get it. When I a kid, my parents did this to me. I had to everything on my plate. If I didn’t it was brought back up for breakfast the next day. In fact, one time, I remember being made to sit in the garden until I’d finished every last scrap on my plate. I used to quite like this one though because it meant I could throw what I didn’t want to eat into the hedge… [Read More]

EVERDINE Meals Review & Video

I really enjoy food, but when you’re trying to lose weight, having a love of food doesn’t make things easy. When I was given the chance to review Everdine I was pretty excited about. Everdine offer clean and wholesome gourmet meals that are cooked and frozen before being courier delivered to your front door. I’ve heard of similar boxes before, but for me the real selling point with Everdine is that I don’t actually need to cook lots of ingredients myself. All I need to do is pop the meals in the microwave straight from frozen and most are ready… [Read More]

What we did this week

It doesn’t feel like we’ve done much this week, but when I look back at my pictures from this week, I certainly have been busy! Last weekend the girls and I made a rocket. Apparently a girl in their class made one the week before, so the girls wanted to make one as well! Out of all the photos I’ve taken this week, I forgot to take one of the finished rocket so here’s one of us making it! I worked on Monday and Tuesday so nothing much to report on there. I did go to spin class straight from… [Read More]

Christmas Dinner for all the Family

Christmas Cake

Ooo I love Christmas! Putting up the decorations, buying presents and wrapping them, then trying to find as many empty cupboards and drawers as possible to hide everything in! I love the planning, the family time and the excitement! I just love it! I love the food, although my waistline doesn’t love it anywhere near as much I do, but they do say it’s the season to be jolly after all! I also love cooking Christmas dinner! I think the thought of cooking Christmas dinner is something that a lot of people find daunting, and I guess if you’re cooking for… [Read More]

What’s on your Little Person’s Plate?

Portion Sizes

The eating habits of children can be quite a fascinating topic. From children who’ll eat anything placed in front of them to fussy eaters, sometimes it can be hard to make sure your child is getting the right nutrients. Our twins are four and a half years old. Like many kids, they’ve gone through various phases with their food. When they were little they used to eat banana porridge for breakfast every day. Now, however, the sight of porridge will see them pulling a look of disgust! Breakfast, for us, has evolved from porridge and now varies from croissants or… [Read More]

Retro Food Stand Mixer Review from Savisto (Video)

Retro Food Stand Mixer Review from Savisto

As a keen cook, I own many different types of kitchen gadgets. From a bread maker to a slow cooker and more. Sadly my current food stand mixer is on it’s way out, although it has served me well over the past few years! Thankfully, I was recently sent a brand new Food Stand Mixer from Savisto. The Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer costs £95.99 and looks pretty snazzy! Available in black or red, this compact and lightweight machine is great for dealing with all sorts of baking tasks. It comes with a 5.5l stainless bowl with a handy… [Read More]

Stressful toddler meal times

R and M are very good eaters. They’re constantly saying that they’re hungry! So why is it that when meal time arrives they somehow regress and turn into babies?! We literally have to spoon feed them! I remember a time when they’d quite happily sit down at the table with us, pick up their own fork, spoon or knife and just get on with it. What’s happened? I don’t understand! Not only that I’ll feed them half a chicken nugget and then they’ll tell me they’re not hungry anymore and don’t want anything else to eat! I’d never force them… [Read More]