I completed my first ever 10k! St Davids Day Run 2017!

I remember writing a post back in 2016 after completing the 5k mo run. Before that 5k, I’d taken part in a few 5k’s before, but I’d never taken them seriously. I’d usually walk a bit, then run a bit, then walk a bit, but I knew that I wanted to up my running! That’s why I took part in the 5k mo run. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. As such, when one of my friends suggested that I join her in completing the St Davids Day 10k run, I happily signed up whilst thinking… [Read More]

I survived boot camp!

This week I won a months free membership to a local boot camp. I’ve never been to a boot camp before now, but having had a personal trainer for a while and having witnessed circuits in the gym I had a pretty good idea about what to expect. I already do spin class twice a week, so I know that my cardio fitness is pretty good, but I’d really like to improve my overall strength, as well as my core strength. I’d also love to tone up and lose the ‘Mummy tummy’. I’m not sure I can still call it… [Read More]

5 Reasons Why I love Spin Class

Spin class face

I remember the first time I ever stepped foot into spin class. I was with one of my step-daughters and we’d both decided to brave spin class. We kind of knew what was entailed, but in hindsight we really didn’t! Our first class was pretty tough! Our legs ached, we were worn out and half way through the 45 minute class I thought I was going to pass out! However, we powered through and eventually we made it out alive! I went to a few more spin classes, but when my step-daughter started uni, I lost my motivation. Somehow going… [Read More]

A workout a day! Update #2

I’m still too scared to look at the scales. Mainly because last week wasn’t great in terms of food. The weekend before last saw me eating birthday cake, too much chocolate and generally just too much rubbish! However from Tuesday onwards all has gone well on the healthy eating front, so I’m hoping this will continue! Now for the honest part. I haven’t done a workout a day. Sorry to disappoint! I did go for a long two hour walk on Sunday with my husband and our girls so that was really nice, even if it did wear me out!… [Read More]

A workout a day update number 1

Spin class

Last week I shared a post with you called, A workout a day. Sounds pretty ambitious right? In that post I wrote about how I wanted to make this year a healthier and more active year for me and my family. As such I set out some goals which outlined how I was going to achieve this and that meant doing one workout a day. I’m now one week in, so how has it been so far? Have I managed to achieve this? Yes! I’m super pleased to say that I have achieved my goal and I have completed one… [Read More]

What we’ve done this week!

I can’t believe that Christmas is over already! The girls are back in school. I’m back in work and life is continuing as normal again, even though my front room now resembles a toy shop and my bathroom a beauty store! I don’t tend to write posts about our week, but I thought this week I would. I guess it’s kind of one of my new years resolutions going in 2017, which is to write down one good thing that happens each week, put it into a jar, and then at the end of the year you can read about… [Read More]

I did it! 5k Mo Run!

Mummy with twins and race medal

On the Sunday, 13th November, I took part in my first ever 5k run! Although I have taken part in a number of 5k runs before, the reason I say that this is my first one is because this is the first one I have run in its entirety. The previous ones I have done were for Cancer Research UK. They were the Race for Life 5k runs, although you can run or walk them. My sister and I usually ran a bit, then walked, than ran etc. We even did the muddy 5k one year which was lots of… [Read More]

Personal Training Session: Five Weeks In!

5K Personal Best

I thought I’d write an update on how my personal training sessions have been going seeing as I haven’t written an update for a while. You can read my last one here. As I write this, I’m still aching from yesterdays personal training session! I had planned to go for a run today, but my legs, shoulders and tummy are still aching so I’ll leave it another day and go tomorrow instead! I don’t want to overdo it! This week saw me running 5k on Monday and I managed to earn a new personal best time of 35 minutes and… [Read More]