It’s Time to Consider a Career in Fitness

Are you tired of the stress and monotony of your current job? Do you yearn for something more fulfilling? Do you feel like you should be doing more to improve both your body and your mind? Image by Pixabay If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions then a career in fitness may well be a rewarding (in every sense of the word) career for you. If you attend a gym regularly you’ve probably seen fitness instructors, coaches and personal trainers working with your fellow customers and helping them on the way to achieving their goals. Maybe you’ve even… [Read More]

The day I ran in my sports bra!

Well, this is a pretty random post to be honest with you! It’s not every day that I write things like this, but after going on a run last week, I felt inspired to write about my experience! It was a warm, sunny day so I’d decided to go for a run. Rather foolishly I’ve entered the Cardiff Half Marathon in October so I thought I’d better make a start on my half marathon training plan! As usual I checked the weather before setting off and settled on a t-shirt and shorts because it was a very warm day. I… [Read More]

Innovation at it’s finest. My favourite running gadgets.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve found myself becoming more and more obsessed with running. A friend of mine told me that once I started running, it wouldn’t be long before I caught the ‘running bug’. Initially I dismissed this idea, but now I have to agree with her and say that I’ve well and truly caught the running bug! At the beginning of last year I struggled to run 1k, so I’m pretty proud of the fact that today I ran 5k and got a new PB of 30 minutes 17 seconds. That’s non-stop running at a… [Read More]

Join the NSPCC and take on Messathon: the messtastic obstacle course! (Discount code included)

I love a good run and it’s something I try to encourage my children to do too. They’ve already watched me run a few races and we’ve even been on a few runs together around our local area. They even took part in a family fun 1k run a short while ago. I think it’s so important to encourage children to get active and that’s why I wanted to share with you the NSPCC’s Messathon! As per the title of this post, it’s a messtastic obstacle course! There are three dates set across Surrey, Bristol and Aldenham. Families with children… [Read More]

SlimFast Update Month 1

It’s now been one month since I started using SlimFast and following their plan to lose weight. I wrote last month about how I was lucky enough to be invited to meet SlimFast along with their brand ambassador, Alexandra Burke, for lunch and to find out more about their products. I learnt so much at the meeting and ever since, I’ve had so much fun exploring all the different foods that their range offers. From the porridges for breakfast, (golden syrup is my favourite), to the snacks, meal replacement bars, shakes and noodle pots, I love them all! I’m finding… [Read More]

Family Fitness: Ways to Get the Kids Involved

With 2017 in full swing and summer is just around the corner, let’s face it, the January motivation to get fit and make this your healthiest year yet has probably worn off. We think this time of year is perfect to get the whole family working towards a healthier lifestyle however. Because let’s face it, these days, tweens, children, toddlers, and even babies, spend a lot of time plopped in front of a screen. Warmer weather makes it easier to start going on daily walks. This is a great activity to get the family on their feet and breathing in… [Read More]

SlimFast Stars with Alexandra Burke

It’s not every day that I wake up to an email inviting me to lunch with a celebrity, but that’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago. I was invited to join SlimFast and their ambassador, Alexandra Burke for a healthy lunch to find out more about some of their new products. I’m currently trying to lose weight. Something that I feel like I’ve been trying to do for years now with varied success. One month I’ll stick to plan and the next it’ll go out of the window. With SlimFast though, it’s different. I have tried SlimFast before so… [Read More]

We did it! 2k Family Fun Run!

Oh my goodness me. I can’t believe I actually managed to convince my husband to take part in a 2k family fun run with me and our five year old twins, but I did! My husband is the type of person who drives to the shops when he could walk it in five minutes. He always moans when we go to pick our girls up together as I’d rather walk and stop off at the park on the way home. If my husband had it his way, we’d go in the car, pick them up and return home straight away!… [Read More]

For the love of running

In 2016 I started running. I’d had various attempts at this over the years, but from around October 2016, I’ve really stuck at it. When the nights drew in and the weather became colder, I hung up my running shoes in favour of some indoor spinning classes, but now that Spring is here, I’ve invested in a new pair of fancy running trainers and I’ve started pounding the pavement once again. In 2016 I completed the 5k Mo Run in November. That was the last time I’d ran in 2016. After weeks of spin classes, I remembered that my friend… [Read More]

Diet vs. Exercise: Which Is More Important For Weight Loss?

You have two things that you want to prioritise. Achieving your weight loss goals. Living every other aspect of your life. In a perfect world, these wouldn’t rub up against one another. Sure, there are women who manage to combine their health and fitness concerns alongside living a functional adult life – and those women are Heroes, who deserve every medal the world can throw at them. For the rest of us, life doesn’t quite tend to balance in the same way. Losing Weight Takes Time Nothing good happens quickly. That’s not in the sense of “slow and steady weight… [Read More]