Fashion Feature: Swimwear and Leggings Review

There are few things in life that I like to collect, but the things I do are very much loved. What am I talking about? Swimsuits! I love a good swimsuit, so much so that I’m starting to build up quite the collection! I love to have plenty of choice, but also plenty of support and a swimsuit that holds me in all the right places. I have a mummy tummy and I’m very proud of it, but when I’m on holiday by the swimming pool or laying on a sandy beach, I feel most confident knowing that my mummy… [Read More]

Fashion Feature: Girls Night Out

I love a good old fashioned girls night out! Whether it’s a top notch tasty meal in a posh restaurant, an evening of dancing and karaoke or a comedy show, I always like to dress up for the occasion. In between work and being a mum, it can be pretty hard to have a social life, so when the opportunity arises I also like to hit the shops and bag myself a new outfit. Whether your budget is big or small I find shopping online always comes up tops for getting a good deal. Here are a few of my… [Read More]

Cool Knits for Cool Kids

Being a mum to twin girls who have the complete opposite taste in clothes is pretty interesting. Some may say that it’d be hard to find them both clothes that they love, but that’s not the case at all. I’ve said this numerous times on my blog, but M is really into her girly clothes. When we’re out shopping for her we’re looking for clothes that are pastel colours such as pink, white, lavender, soft greys and purples etc. If it’s fluffy and has a picture of an animal or ballerina on then even better! M loves to wear dresses… [Read More]

Ten Fashionable & Practical Swimwear Pieces for Girls

SUN UVA Wishlist

Although summer is quite a while away, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about your family summer holiday. We’ve already booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris and we’re currently looking at destinations for a beach holiday during the summer too. If you have any suggestions please let me know! Now, if you’re anything like me when you think of planning a holiday that usually means shopping for holiday clothes! The thing is I’ve done so much ‘shopping for holiday clothes’ in my lifetime, that I have a wardrobe full of holiday clothes! My children, however, are constantly… [Read More]

JORD Wooden Watch Review and Giveaway

JORD Wooden Watch

Over the last few years I’ve become used to wearing a fitness tracker instead of a watch. I have to be honest though, although my fitness tracker tells me the time it isn’t exactly fashionable! When JORD Watches contacted me a little while ago and asked if I’d like to review one of their watches, I was pretty keen! I chose to review the Frankie 35 watch in Zebrawood and Champagne. Available for $179 USD, which is around £141, this watch is definitely fashionable! For starters it comes in a beautiful wooden box which is great for storing your watch… [Read More]

Winter Essentials – a Smart Coat

It is hard to believe that we are already entering the autumn season. This year has gone by fast, and it is already time to start preparing for the winter months. This month I will be out shopping, and looking online for winter coats for the whole family, including my husband. He has a great jacket that he loves and has worn for a couple of years, but even he agrees it is time for something new. As I have said before, his style is casual, but he likes to stay on trend, so I have been visiting menswear sites… [Read More]

How smart are your clothes?

Fashion for men isn’t a topic that I cover very often on my blog. I usually talk about it in the run up to a special occasion such as Fathers Day or perhaps my husbands birthday. Having said that, fashion is something I take a keen interest in. I love the way my husband dresses. It’s casual, like my own personal style, yet comfortable and on trend. On the odd occasion though we are required to ‘dress up’ and opt for something a bit smarter. The thing is my wardrobe isn’t very ‘smart’. It consists of three pairs of blue… [Read More]

Summer Holiday Fashion Wish List

In just a few weeks time, we’ll be off on our summer holiday. Of course I have plenty of clothes in my wardrobe, but part of the fun in going on holiday is being able to buy new clothes. I don’t want to take too many things with me, but at the same time I need to have some essentials such as ‘throw away’ dresses for the day whilst we’re lounging by the pool, wandering around the shops or lazing on the beach. When it comes to night time I’d like have some more smarter clothes, but they need to… [Read More]

Essential Summer Duds for Dads

Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time for some new clothes to ring in the season. Sometimes, outfitting fathers for the warm weather months is easier said than done. For many dads, trying to follow the latest fashion trends often spells disaster. Here are a few rules and trends to stick to so you can look your best during the summer without unnecessarily embarrassing your family. When you’re a grown-man with a family, you should be well beyond trying to attract attention with your clothes. When it comes to dads and fashion, less is more and your… [Read More]

Kids Fashion: Wishlist

Kids can be so hard to buy for, especially when it comes to clothes. Our twin girls are so different in what they like. M is very girly. She loves dresses and skirts, whereas R loves wearing jeans or shorts and Spiderman t-shirts. Thankfully, House of Fraser have some fabulous kids clothing on offer so I’ve put together a wish list of my favourite pieces. Little Dickens & Jones Girls Silver Star Print Leggings. £14.00 Mango Boys College Jogging Trousers. £6.00 Frugi Organic Girls Sennen Slim Trouser. £14.00 Out of the above three, I have to say that the star print leggings… [Read More]