Join the NSPCC and take on Messathon: the messtastic obstacle course! (Discount code included)

I love a good run and it’s something I try to encourage my children to do too. They’ve already watched me run a few races and we’ve even been on a few runs together around our local area. They even took part in a family fun 1k run a short while ago. I think it’s so important to encourage children to get active and that’s why I wanted to share with you the NSPCC’s Messathon! As per the title of this post, it’s a messtastic obstacle course! There are three dates set across Surrey, Bristol and Aldenham. Families with children… [Read More]

We did it! 2k Family Fun Run!

Oh my goodness me. I can’t believe I actually managed to convince my husband to take part in a 2k family fun run with me and our five year old twins, but I did! My husband is the type of person who drives to the shops when he could walk it in five minutes. He always moans when we go to pick our girls up together as I’d rather walk and stop off at the park on the way home. If my husband had it his way, we’d go in the car, pick them up and return home straight away!… [Read More]

How Large Families Can Save Money

If you have a relatively large family, then you will probably be aware that it is often surprisingly easy to accidentally overspend and to end up with little money at the end of the month. This can happen all too easily, but the truth is that the solution is to simply adopt a different kind of attitude. There might only be a certain amount of money coming in, and the same responsibilities every month, but if you are a little clever about it then you can easily save a considerable amount of money for your family each month. In this… [Read More]

What we did this week

It doesn’t feel like we’ve done much this week, but when I look back at my pictures from this week, I certainly have been busy! Last weekend the girls and I made a rocket. Apparently a girl in their class made one the week before, so the girls wanted to make one as well! Out of all the photos I’ve taken this week, I forgot to take one of the finished rocket so here’s one of us making it! I worked on Monday and Tuesday so nothing much to report on there. I did go to spin class straight from… [Read More]

Twenty Wishes for 2017

Family walk

I love a good blogging tag and when I was tagged in this tag by Five Little Doves I couldn’t wait to take part! So here goes! 5 Personal Wishes 1. To loose weight. I feel like this is something I say every year and yet I never seem to change. At the beginning of every year I throw myself into exercise and healthy eating, then by Easter I find myself neck deep in Easter Eggs trying to convince myself that the scales must be broken! This year will be different! I’m doing a workout a day which involves two… [Read More]

What we did this week

To be honest with you, it doesn’t feel like we have done much this week! On Sunday my mother-in-law came over for dinner and the girls played snakes and ladders with her, and did puzzles together. It was lovely to watch them together! The girls played on the trampoline in the garden, as did I!  I went to work Monday, and then again on Tuesday. I also went to spin class straight from work on Tuesday. I’m really enjoying the classes, but I really need to work on my diet.  That’s one of the reasons why this week I’ve tried… [Read More]

A morning walk at Cefn Onn Park

Cefn Onn

Cefn Onn country park is situated in North Cardiff, approximately a five minute drive away from our home. It’s a well known local park, but one that I tend to forget exists because it just seems so out of place where it is! It’s hidden away at the end of a long road and accessible via a long path that runs under a motorway bridge. This beautiful woodland park is a real hidden gem! The last time we visited Cefn Onn was when our girls were little. We brought the double pushchair with us and I always remember watching my… [Read More]

What we did this week!

Cefn Onn

This week has been a funny old week! Sunday started out lovely. We went for a fun family walk to a local country park and had such a great time. Our girls loved walking through the forest pointing out funny looking trees, collecting sticks and running around! They even had a splash in the water! We didn’t actually realise until we got back to the car, but our little walk had taken a total of two hours! It’s no wonder the girls said they were tired! After our walk, we spent the rest of the day at home and my… [Read More]

Christmas Dinner for all the Family

Christmas Cake

Ooo I love Christmas! Putting up the decorations, buying presents and wrapping them, then trying to find as many empty cupboards and drawers as possible to hide everything in! I love the planning, the family time and the excitement! I just love it! I love the food, although my waistline doesn’t love it anywhere near as much I do, but they do say it’s the season to be jolly after all! I also love cooking Christmas dinner! I think the thought of cooking Christmas dinner is something that a lot of people find daunting, and I guess if you’re cooking for… [Read More]



Life is a funny thing isn’t it. It’s something we all take for granted. Something we all know is fragile and short, yet every single one of us, at some point or another hasn’t given life the appreciation it truly deserves. To be alive is something truly special. Truly amazing, but more often than not it takes something tragic, heartbreaking and often life changing for us to realise just how amazing life really is. Some people in life are lucky. They’re rich, have no worries, and really do have it all. Others are poor, worry everyday and have nothing. You also… [Read More]